Unsuspend Yourself on Twitter

November 6, 2012

How to Unsuspended Yourself on Twitter

This will only work once, and only on your first suspension… perhaps not even always, but I have had very good luck with it.

If you log in to Twitter, and are told that your account has been suspended:

1. Click on the gear on the top toolbar

2. Select “Settings”

3. At the top, you will see a suspension notice with a link to something like “About suspensions” click this

4. Put a check mark in both of the boxed that you see (be sure to real all 734 pages of legalese LOL!!)

5. Enter the captcha characters in the box provided. If you make a mistake, be sure to go back up to #4

6. Click on the “Enter”, “Submit” or “Next” button

That is it 😉 but remember, this is your one “Get out of jail free’ card. your next suspension will be considerably more difficult, and may cost you body parts.

– Tom O’Halloan