This is Cuba’s Government run Healthcare – Call it CastroCare

April 16, 2012

One of the greatest fallacies about the so called ‘Cuban Revolution’ has to do with healthcare.

Foreigners who visit Cuba, are fed the official line from Castro’s propaganda machine: “All Cubans are now able to receive excellent healthcare, which is also free.” But the truth is very different. Castro has built excellent health facilities for the use of foreigners, who pay with hard currency for those services

Argentinean soccer star Maradona, for example, has traveled several times to Cuba to receive treatment to combat his drug addiction. But Cubans are not even allowed to visit those facilities. Cubans who require medical attention must go to other hospitals, that lack the most minimum requirements needed to take care of their patients.

In addition, most of these facilities are filthy and patients have to bring their own towels, bed sheets, pillows, or they would have to lay down on dirty bare mattresses stained with blood and other body fluids.

This is not Auschwitz, this is the psychiatric hospital in Castro’s Cuba

These photos were taken at Havana’s psychiatric hospital, known as Mazorra, in early January of this year and taken out of the island by people who risked their lives to show the world what really is happening in Castro’s Cuba.

These are several of the more than 40 patients who died of hypothermia at the hospital, when temperatures near freezing hit the area where Mazorra is located.

These patients died because of the negligence of those in charge of this hospital, and after they died, hospital officials threw them on a table, one on top of the other, likebags of garbage at the local dumpster.

This is the fantastic healthcare that Cubans receive, according to Michael Moore and other useful idiots.

Patients are treated worse than animals. It is the cruelty of that brutal regime that has been oppressing the Cuban people for more than 51 years, while the dictator murdering and oppressing Cubans is referred to as “president,” and embraced by Latin American leaders who were democratically elected.

Many show marks that indicate that patients were beaten before they died.

The hospitals where they didn’t take Michael Moore

The photos at Marina Azcuy were taken by Adela Soto and Luis Alberto Pacheco Mendoza. The ones at Quinta Covadonga were taken by someone who wants to remain anonymous.

A patient at the Hogar Provincial de Ancianos Marina Azcuy, in Pinar del Rio

A patient with an injured foot

A patient’s bed at that same facility This sign reads: “In Cuba, an old age secure and dignified” But is it true?

These photos were taken at the Hogar Provincial de Ancianos Marina Azcuy in Pinar del Rio province by independent journalists Luis Alberto Pacheco Mendoza and Adela Soto.

Forget Ambulances, they don’t exist. THIS is how you get to the Hospital in Cuba.

This photo is not from Auschwitz, it was taken in one of those famous “free health care facilities” in Castro’s Cuba

Note: Those black ‘dots’ are files

Floors full of excrements, bare mattresses, terrible food and even worse medical attention