. There IS a war on Women, but it is NOT what you think… it’s not even close!!

May 5, 2012

Please take the time to read this. If you open your eyes, open your mind and open your heart, I will connect some dots, and show you just how frighteningly far down the road to hell this country has progressed in just a few short years.

Dare I say it, this page MIGHT just change your life. It may be just what you need to see that NOW is the time to get FULLY engaged in the fight to save America.

Thank you for taking the time. I can be reached tpo@tpo.net if you have any inquires.

Thank you again, and God bless you & yours!

– Tom O’Halloran

To distract the voters from his dismal failure in the Jobs market where

Obama accuses the GOP of having a war on women

To distarct the voters from his dismal failure in the Economy where

  • obama’s budget would add about $3 trillion in debt to the roughly $5.5 trillion he added in his first
  • obama’s new budget will step up his economy-defeating and self-delusional ideological tax hike war.
  • obama’s budget includes a tax plan to turn the ownership of largest U.S. companies over to foreign ownership
  • Obama’s budget contains a multitude of tax increases. totaling up to $1.8 trillion in new levies over 10 years.
  • During Bush’s 8-year administration,total deficit spending was $T3.4. Deficit spending during obama ’s four years in the WH (his own figures) will be an estimated $5.170 trillion
  • Since Obama has been president, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States has increased by 90 percent.
  • Since Obama has been president, home values in the United States have declined by another 13 percent.
  • Since Obama took office, the number of Americans living in poverty has risen by more than 6 million.
  • Since Obama entered the White House, the number of Americans on food stamps has increased from 32 million to 46 million.
  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of Americans living in “extreme poverty” is now sitting at an all-time high.
  • Since Obama became president, the size of the U.S. national debt has increased by 44 percent.
  • During Obama ’s 1st 2yrs in office, the U.S. govt added more 2 the U.S. national debt than the first 100 U.S. Congresses combined.
  • The national debt has been increasing by an avg of more than 4 billion dollars per day since the beginning of the Obama admin.

Omama accuses the GOP of having a war on women

To distract the voters from his dismal failure in Staffing an ‘inner circle of advisors where

Obama surrounds himself with the most extreme appointees in history His inner circle make a Star Wars bar scene look like an Amish picnic.

Omama accuses the GOP of having a war on women

To distarct the voters from his dismal failure Closing down Gitmo in his first year

Obama continues to piss on the U.S. citizens and focuses on appeasing the terrorists in Gitmo. a $750K astro-turf Soccer Park!!

Omama accuses the GOP of having a war on women

So What About The War On Women??

OK, Let’s start with a fer assumptions:

The Muslim Brother Hood

  • Founded in 1928 by the Egyptian schoolteacher/activist Hasan al-Banna (a devout admirer of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis), the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) — a Sunni entity — is one of the oldest, largest and most influential Islamist organizations in the world.

  • Islam expert Robert Spencer has called MB “the parent organization of Hamas and al Qaeda.” In 2003, Richard Clarke – the chief counterterrorism advisor on the U.S. National Security Council during both the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations – told a Senate committee that Hamas, al Qaeda, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad were all “descendants of the membership and ideology of the Muslim Brothers.”

  • The organization further aspires to dismantle all non-Islamic governments wherever they currently exist, and to make Islamic Law (Shari’a) the sole basis of jurisprudence everywhere on earth. This purpose is encapsulated in the Brotherhood’s militant credo: “God is our objective, the Koran is our Constitution, the Prophet is our leader, struggle [jihad] is our way, and death for the sake of God is the highest of our aspirations.”

  • Numerous statements by MB leaders offer compelling evidence of the group’s undiminished militancy. For example, Ali Sadreddine Bayanouni, head of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, has repeatedly pledged his support for the terrorism of Hamas and Hezbollah. Muhammad Mahdi Othman Akef, who served as MB’s Supreme Guide from 2004-2009, expressed his support for suicide bombings in Israel and Iraq (during the Iraq War), “in order to expel the Zionists and the Americans.”

  • At a 1995 conference (hosted by the Muslim Arab Youth Association) in Toledo, Ohio, MB spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi vowed that Islam would “conquer Europe [and] America — not through sword but through Da’wa [proselytizing].” He also urged Muslims to “continue to fight the Jews” and “kill them.”

  • In early February 2011, Muhammad Ghannem, a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, told the Iranian news network Al-Alam that “the people [of Egypt] should be prepared for war against Israel,” emphasizing that “the Egyptian people are prepared for anything to get rid of this regime.”

  • In November 2011, an MB spokesman stated without equivocation, “The Sharia, the Muslim legal framework, must be the foundation for everything.” On November 24, senior Brotherhood leaders publicly preached violent jihad, and the International Union of Muslim Scholars, a Brotherhood entity, declared that it was time to “revive the duty of jihad in all its forms.”

  • In late 2011, MB, according to a senior Hamas source, officially accepted Hamas as part of the global Brotherhood organization. To emphasize this development, Hamas added the phrase “a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood – Palestine” to its official name.

    The Muslim Brotherhood wants to spread Sharia Law throughout the world INCLUDING the United States!!

    Just a few tidbits of what having Sharia Law means

    • A Caliph is exempt from being charged with serious crimes such as murder, adultery,robbery& rape.
    • A percentage of Zakat (charity money) must go towards jihad.
    • A Muslim will not get the death penalty if he kills a non-Muslim, but will for killing a Muslim.
    • Sharia never abolished slavery, A master will not be punished for killing his slave.
    • Sharia dictates death by stoning, beheading, amputation of limbs even for crimes such as adultery.
    • A non-Muslim cannot inherit from a Muslim.
    • Banks must be Sharia compliant and interest is not allowed.
    • A non-Muslim cannot rule — even over a non-Muslim minority.
    • Homosexuality is punishable by death.
    • A woman inherits half what a man inherits.
    • A man has the right to have up to 4 wives and none of them have a right to divorce him.
    • The dowry is given in exchange for the woman’s sexual organs.
    • To prove rape, a woman must have 4 male witnesses.
    • A rapist may only be required to pay the bride-money (dowry) without marrying the rape victim
    • A Muslim man is forgiven if he kills his wife at the time he caught her in the act of adultery.

    OK… The Muslim Brotherhood is evil, HATE Women & allow abusing them as property, and they WANT to come here, but so what, they can’t… RIGHT??

    WRONG !!!

    They are the Guest of barack Hussein Obama!!!

    Muslim Brotherhood front Group ISNA is cominf to Tampa Florida in May of 2012 to help elect Barack Obama PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO!!

    Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed States Obama Told Him…he Was Still A Muslim…

    Want to Know Just How Close the Muslim Brotherhood Is to the Obama Admin?

    Muslim Brotherhood Takes Charge of FBI Counterterrorism Training

    Obama Admin: The War On Terror Is ‘Over’

    Islamic Terrorism on the Rise Domestically and Internationally Since Obama Became President in 2009

    Obama’s deal with Karzai bans the U.S. from raiding on al-Qaida bases in Pakistan

    Obama Seeks Gitmo Release of Terrorist who Killed US Soldier

    Obama Administration Courts the Muslim Brotherhood

    Exclusive: The TSA strip searches granny but the State Department Barred Inspection of Muslim Brotherhood Delegation

    The Muslim Brotherhood

    The Tipping Point: Embracing the Muslim Brotherhood

    In Defense of the Constitution – Against Sharia Law

    Muslim Brotherhood Gaining Foothold in U.S. Gov’t?

    Homeland Security Gives Muslim Brotherhood Secret Top Security Clearance

    Obama Overrides Congress, To Send $192 Million in Aid To Muslim Brotherhood


    Muslim Brotherhood are Misogynists of the highest order

    Muslim Brotherhood are KNOWN Terrorists

    Muslim Brotherhood have sworn to KILL ALL JEWS

    Muslim Brotherhood have been given us the Taliban, al Queada and Hamas

    Muslim Brotherhood have been given Inspection FREE entry into the U.S.

    Muslim Brotherhood hold SEVERAL high level Jobs in the Obama Administration

    And Obama told us “Judge me by the people that I surround myself with.

    DO NOT BE FOOLED my Obama’s phoney claims that the republicans have a war against women.. Obama is selling our daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers into slavery one step at a time. Americans had BETTER wake up, or start looking for fashionable Burkahs!!!