12 – List of Islamic Terror Attacks from April 6, 2012 to May 5, 2012 – 30 days

May 6, 2012

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2012.05.05 Philippines Iligan 2 19 Two cousins are killed when suspected Muslims
activists toss a grenade into a restaurant.
2012.05.04 Thailand Yala 1 1 Islamic snipers pick off a father in his pickup
truck and seriously injure his 7-year-old son.
2012.05.04 Pakistan Khar 29 72 Tehrik-e-Taliban suicide bombers at a bazaar send
two dozen innocents to Allah.
2012.05.04 Nigeria Taraba 5 0 Muslim extremists gun down five villagers.
2012.05.03 Dagestan Makhatchkala 12 110 Rescue workers and civilians are among those
bleeding to death in the aftermath of a vicious suicide blast and
follow-up bombing.
2012.05.03 Pakistan Chamarkand 5 2 Tribal elders are among those taken apart by a
Taliban double-bomb attack.
2012.05.03 Nigeria Potiskum 56 29 Islamists toss bombs and fire into a cattle market,
massacring about sixty innocents.
2012.05.03 Thailand Pattani 4 0 Four Buddhists are hunted down and assassinated by
Muslim gunmen.
2012.05.02 Afghanistan Kabul 7 17 Four children on their way to school are among
seven innocents torn to shreds by Fedayeen suicide bombers disguised
in burqas.
2012.05.01 Nigeria Riyom 6 6 Muslims raid a Christian village, setting fire to
homes and shooting those who fled.
2012.05.01 Pakistan Quetta 2 16 A 14-year-old student is among two civilians killed
by a powerful Tehreek-e-Taliban bomb.
2012.05.01 Somalia Dusamareb 4 6 Civilians at a cafe are among the casualties of a
Shahid suicide bomber, who praised Allah as he detonated.
2012.04.30 Pakistan Karimabad 2 0 Two Shiites riding a motorcycle are shot to death
by Sunni terrorists.
2012.04.30 Afghanistan Paktika 2 2 Two 12-year-old children are sent to Allah by
Religion of Peace bombers.
2012.04.30 Afghanistan Shahjoy 4 3 Two Muslim radicals fire on a group of children,
killing at least four.
2012.04.30 Pakistan Ghari Suhbat Khan 1 1 A bomb blast at a girls’ school leaves one dead.
2012.04.30 Syria Idlib 8 24 At least eight people are blown to bits by an
al-Nusra suicide bomber.
2012.04.30 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 Sunnis gun down a Shia civilian.
2012.04.30 Nigeria Jalingo 11 26 A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates along a city
street, killing at least eleven others.
2012.04.30 Algeria Mekla 4 2 Fundamentalists machine-gun four local cops.
2012.04.29 Kenya Nairobi 1 16 A suspected al-Shabaab member throws a grenade into
a church during Sunday service, killing a worshipper.
2012.04.29 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 A 60-year-old British humanitarian worker is
beheaded by Islamic radicals four months after his abduction.
2012.04.29 Pakistan Jamrud 2 14 Lashkar-e-Islam bombers take down two bystanders at
a bus stop.
2012.04.29 Pakistan Bara 5 14 A woman and child are among five innocents killed
in the fighting that follows a Lashkar-e-Islam attack on a peace
2012.04.29 Nigeria Kano 16 22 Sixteen Christians, including professors and
doctors, are massacred by Islamists, who bomb their church service
and then shoot them in the back as they try to flee.
2012.04.29 Nigeria Maiduguri 5 6 The pastor is among five Christians shot to death
by Boko Haram Islamists inside their church.
2012.04.29 Iraq Abu Ghraib 1 6 A Sunni bomb leaves one Iraqi dead.
2012.04.28 Yemen Lahj 1 0 A man walking near a hospital is taken down in an
al-Qaeda drive-by.
2012.04.28 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 1 Two security guards are murdered in cold blood by
Taliban assassins.
2012.04.28 Ingushetia Sagopshi 2 1 Two policemen are destroyed by a roadside bomb.
2012.04.27 Pakistan Khairpur 0 10 At least ten people are injured when Sunni and Shia
begin firing at each other.
2012.04.27 Syria Damascus 10 28 A suicide bomber detonates across the street from a
mosque, leaving a grisly scene and about ten bodies.
2012.04.27 Iraq Abu Garma 4 0 A Sunni mother and her four children are brutally
shot to death in their own home by Shia gunmen.
2012.04.27 Somalia Mogadishu 4 2 A child is among four civilians cut down by an
al-Shabaab ambush.
2012.04.27 Somalia Hodan 3 10 At least three die from splinter injuries when
fundamentalists throw grenades into a cinema where youth are
enjoying a movie.
2012.04.27 Ethiopia Asasa 5 10 Angry Muslims attack a police station and murder
five cops over the arrest of an imam trying to incite religious
2012.04.27 Afghanistan Wardak 10 0 Ten Afghans are disassembled by Taliban bombers.
2012.04.26 Iraq Hurriyah 4 25 Car bombers take down four Iraqis.
2012.04.26 Syria Erbin 4 0 Sunni terrorists reportedly shoot four members of
an Alawite family to death.
2012.04.26 Afghanistan Maidan Wardak 3 3 Three women are crushed to death in their home from
a mortar round fired during a Taliban ambush.
2012.04.26 Nigeria Kaduna 4 19 A Boko Haram car bombing at a newspaper office
leaves four people dead.
2012.04.26 Nigeria Abuja 4 8 A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out four innocents
at a second newspaper office.
2012.04.26 Israel Jerusalem 0 3 A family is attacked by Arabs yelling anti-Jewish
2012.04.26 Iraq Baghdad 9 14 Muslim terrorists attack a gold market with
grenades and guns, killing at least nine.
2012.04.26 Iraq Garma 10 18 A Shahid suicide bomber murders ten Iraqis at a
coffee shop.
2012.04.25 Thailand Narathiwat 0 8 A 3-year-old boy is among the casualties of a
Muslim bombing.
2012.04.25 Afghanistan Badakhshan 3 11 Religious radicals murder three local cops at a
2012.04.25 Nigeria Riyom 5 5 Four women and a 4-year-old child are among members
of a Christian village hacked to death by Fulani raiders.
2012.04.25 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 3 A terrorist in uniform shoots an American and an
interpreter in the back.
2012.04.25 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two middle-aged men are machine-gunned in their
pickup truck by Religion of Peace militants
2012.04.24 Nigeria Jos 1 9 Fundamentalists bomb a bar where locals gather to
watch a soccer match. One person is killed.
2012.04.24 Nigeria Gwa-Rim 5 0 Suspected Boko Haram attack a village and massacre
five residents.
2012.04.24 Iraq Mosul 2 2 Jihadi car bombers take out two Iraqis.
2012.04.24 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A man and woman are shot to death by ‘insurgents’.
2012.04.24 Pakistan Bara Qadeem 1 3 A child dies from splinter injuries suffered from a
Mujahideen grenade attack.
2012.04.24 India Nadia 1 0 The caretaker of a Hindu temple is ambushed and has
his throat cut by Muslim criminals.
2012.04.24 Pakistan Lahore 4 27 Islamic militants bomb a train station, killing
three bystanders, including a 9-year-old child and a 3-year-old
2012.04.24 Nigeria Damaturu 5 6 Islamic fundamentalists fire into a bar serving
alcohol, killing five patrons.
2012.04.24 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 50-year-old man is shot in the head by Islamic
2012.04.23 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A security volunteer is slain by Muslim
2012.04.23 Sudan Bentiu 1 2 A boy is killed in an air strike on a market by the
Islamic Republic of Sudan.
2012.04.23 Lebanon Tyre 0 5 Fundamentalists bomb a restaurant serving alcohol.
2012.04.23 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 A young girl is among two Iraqis killed by
terrorists with silencers.
2012.04.23 Sweden Landskrona 1 0 A 19-year-old woman is stabbed to death by her
younger brother for having boyfriends and wanting to live
2012.04.23 Iraq Tikrit 2 1 Two children are machine-gunned to death in their
school by Jihadis.
2012.04.22 Uganda Kampala 1 0 A top cleric is the victim of an apparent sectarian
2012.04.22 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Sunni is gunned down by suspected Shia.
2012.04.22 Pakistan Adezai 4 0 Four cousins are ambushed and murdered by
machine-gun wielding Islamists.
2012.04.21 Pakistan Quetta 2 0 Two religious minorities are killed for their faith
by Wahhabi gunmen.
2012.04.21 Iraq Baghdad 3 12 Sunni bombers take out three people near a Shiite
place of worship with bombs planted on a minibus.
2012.04.21 Pakistan North Waziristan 2 0 Two grandchildren of a tribal elder are kidnapped
and brutally executed by Sunni hardliners.
2012.04.20 Iraq al-Amiriyah 2 4 Mujahideen invade a home and shoot two residents to
2012.04.20 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A mosque imam is assassinated by sectarian rivals.
2012.04.20 India Srinagar 1 0 The ‘Islamic Front’ assassinate a cop in broad
2012.04.19 Iraq Mosul 5 5 Two bombs, one near a restaurant, leave five people
2012.04.19 Iraq Taji 5 9 A Shahid suicide bomber sends five souls to Allah.
2012.04.19 Pakistan Shawa 5 24 A woman is among five villagers killed during a
massive Taliban assault.
2012.04.19 Iraq Kirkuk 4 19 Four people die of shrapnel injuries from a Mujahid
2012.04.19 Iraq Ramadi 8 10 Eight Shiites are exterminated by a pair of
al-Qaeda car bombers.
2012.04.19 Iraq Samarrah 10 9 Ten Iraqis are blown to bits by three Sunni car
2012.04.19 Iraq Fallujah 7 7 Seven Iraqis are taken down by three roadside bombs
planted by the ‘Islamic State of Iraq’.
2012.04.19 Iraq al-Malhaa 9 24 A series of vicious Mujahideen bombings leave at
least nine dead.
2012.04.19 Nigeria Damaturu 1 0 A cop is gunned down outside his home by Boko
2012.04.19 Iraq Baghdad 11 49 Terrorists murder at least eleven Iraqis in five
separate bombings.
2012.04.19 Nigeria Maiduguri 5 0 Five day laborers at a bakery are brutally shot to
death by Boko Haram.
2012.04.19 Afghanistan Lagrai 4 7 A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends four Afghan souls
to Allah.
2012.04.19 Israel Jerusalem 0 1 An orthodox Jewish pilgrim is stabbed outside a
tomb by two Arabs.
2012.04.19 Nigeria Kano 2 0 Boko Haram is suspected in the murder of two
2012.04.19 Iran Marwdasht 1 0 A young man is hanged for allegedly engaging in gay
2012.04.18 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 0 A water vendor is among two men shot to death by
Islamic radicals.
2012.04.17 Yemen al-Bayda 6 4 An al-Qaeda suicide bomber takes out five local
soldiers and a civilian.
2012.04.17 Afghanistan Dilaram 2 4 Taliban fundamentalists kill two Afghans with a
roadside bomb.
2012.04.17 Afghanistan Takhar 0 150 One-hundred and fifty schoolgirls are poisoned by
religious hardliners for seeking an education.
2012.04.17 Somalia Baidoa 1 0 A security guard is murdered by a Fedayeen suicide
2012.04.17 Iraq Bagdhad 4 6 Four civilians are disassembled by a well-placed
Mujahideen bomb.
2012.04.17 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Shia school principal is assassinated by Wahhabi
2012.04.17 Pakistan Asharey 1 0 A woman is strangled by her relatives on suspicion
of a sexual affair.
2012.04.16 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 Sunni gunmen murder a Shia civilian.
2012.04.16 Iraq Rashidiya 4 3 Four Shiite farmers are picked off by Sunni
2012.04.16 Nigeria Beaver Ridge Canaan 2 0 Two people are shot to death by Boko Haram
2012.04.16 Pakistan Khazana 1 2 A 6-year-old child is killed by a grenade thrown
into a school by religious hardliners opposed to mixed education.
2012.04.16 Dagestan Makhachkala 1 1 Muslim car bombers take out a woman and injure her
2012.04.16 Pakistan Korangi 2 0 Two cousins are shot to death in a targeted
sectarian attack by Religion of Peace rivals.
2012.04.15 Yemen Lawder 3 0 A Shahid suicide bomber takes out three civilians
at a checkpoint.
2012.04.15 Afghanistan Mahmud-i-Raqi 4 0 All four people riding in a police vehicle are torn
apart by a Taliban bomb.
2012.04.15 Iraq Taji 3 2 A Shiite family home is blown up by Sunni radicals,
leaving three members dead.
2012.04.15 Iraq Hawija 1 0 A boy riding in a car is murdered by suspected
al-Qaeda bombers.
2012.04.15 Yemen Hadramawt 3 0 Three young children, all siblings, are
disassembled by al-Qaeda explosives while on their way to school.
2012.04.15 Iraq Baqubah 4 0 A woman and four children, ages 5 to 15, are sent
to Allah by an al-Qaeda bomber.
2012.04.15 Egypt el-Arish 2 1 Islamists machine-gun two policemen to death at an
2012.04.15 Afghanistan Kabul 12 65 At least a dozen civilians and police are killed
during a wave of Fedayeen suicide assaults by the Taliban.
2012.04.15 Pakistan Mohmand 2 0 Tehreek-e-Taliban militants attack and kill two
local cops.
2012.04.15 Iraq Kirkuk 1 15 A bomb near a university kills one.
2012.04.15 South Sudan Mayom 7 14 Seven civilians are killed as a result of a
Sudanese bombing.
2012.04.15 Pakistan Sheikhupura 1 0 An 80-year-old man is assassinated after being
acquitted for blasphemy.
2012.04.15 South Sudan Bentiu 2 8 A pregnant woman is among two people killed during
a bombing by the Islamic Republic of Sudan.
2012.04.14 Yemen al-Jawalah 5 0 A sudden al-Qaeda attack on a checkpoint leaves
five local soldiers dead.
2012.04.14 Pakistan Ghaniur Rehman 1 0 An excise inspector is killed by a
remote-controlled bomb.
2012.04.14 Pakistan Quetta 8 0 Eight members of a Shia minority community are shot
to death by Sunni radicals in two attacks.
2012.04.14 Pakistan Shal Kot 1 0 A man loses his life to sectarian Jihadis.
2012.04.14 Iraq Baiji 1 14 One person is killed by a sticky bomb attached to a
vegetable cart.
2012.04.13 Iraq Samarra 5 6 Sunni gunmen block buses carrying Shia pilgrims and
open up at point-blank range, killing five.
2012.04.13 Pakistan Bajri 1 0 A man is beheaded by Religion of Peace rivals.
2012.04.13 Iraq Baghdad 2 6 Two Shiite pilgrims are shot to death by Sunni
2012.04.13 Afghanistan Khanabad 5 5 Women and children are among five victims of a
Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2012.04.13 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 Sunni militants shoot a Shiite to death outside a
2012.04.12 Macedonia Smilkovsko 5 0 Five young Christian fishermen between the ages of
18 and 22 are brutally slaughtered by a group of radical Muslims at
a lake.
2012.04.12 Nigeria Maiduguri 5 3 Boko Haram radicals shoot five traders to death at
a market.
2012.04.12 Iraq Kirkuk 5 5 ‘Insurgents’ murder three civilians and two cops in
a drive-by.
2012.04.12 Pakistan Quetta 2 0 Two more Shiites are shot to death by Sunnis in a
second attack on the same day.
2012.04.12 Pakistan Quetta 1 1 A Shiite minority is assassinated in a Sunni
drive-by outside a tea shop.
2012.04.12 Afghanistan Garmser 2 6 A Taliban bomber takes out two teenagers and
injures three other children.
2012.04.12 Yemen Moudia 3 0 Three tribesmen lose their live to an al-Qaeda
2012.04.12 Thailand Pattani 3 0 Three villagers, including a woman, are gunned down
in cold blood by Muslim ‘separatists’.
2012.04.11 Afghanistan Dawlat Shahi 1 1 A schoolteacher is among two casualties of a
Taliban roadside bomb.
2012.04.11 Philippines Carmen 3 16 A bus bomb, linked to Muslim ‘rebels’, leaves three
people dead and injures many children.
2012.04.11 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Muslim militants murder two workers at a
construction site.
2012.04.11 Iraq Baqubah 5 6 Five members of a Shiite family are demolished
along with their own home by Sunni bombers.
2012.04.11 Mali Timbuktu 1 0 A Christian leader is beheaded shortly after
Islamic forces take control of the city.
2012.04.10 Philippines Sumisip 1 26 One person is killed by an Abu Sayyaf landmine.
2012.04.10 Algeria Kabylie 1 2 A fundamentalist roadside blast leaves a local
soldier dead.
2012.04.10 Yemen Abar 8 4 al-Qaeda militants machine-gun eight local soldiers
at point-blank range.
2012.04.10 Afghanistan Guzara 14 23 A 4-year-old girl is among fourteen innocents blown
up by a Fedayeen suicide bomber wearing a burqa.
2012.04.10 Afghanistan Musa Qala 8 5 A Shahid suicide bomber takes out eight Afghans.
2012.04.10 Nigeria Banki 5 5 A Boko Haram assault on a village leaves five dead.
2012.04.10 Pakistan Speen Qabar 7 0 Lashkar-e-Islam tortures and kills seven former
member for leaving the group.
2012.04.09 Nigeria Dikwa 3 0 A civilian and guard at a church are among three
people shot to death by Boko Haram.
2012.04.09 Pakistan Quetta 6 2 Six minority Shiites are machine-gunned by
Lashkar-i-Jhangvi at close range as they are sitting outside a shop.
2012.04.09 Somalia Baidoa 12 30 A dozen women and children are sent to Allah by
al-Shabaab bombers at a marketplace.
2012.04.09 Nigeria Potiskum 1 2 A 6-year-old girl is murdered by Islamic
2012.04.09 Yemen Loder 20 3 An Ansar al-Sharia assault leaves twenty local
soldiers and tribesmen dead.
2012.04.08 Nigeria Kaduna 41 33 A suicide car bomber detonates outside a church
celebrating Easter. Nearly forty people lose their lives in the
2012.04.08 Pakistan Khapiyanga 2 0 Islamic militants kill two people at a checkpost.
2012.04.07 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A prayer leader is murdered by sectarian rivals in
a drive-by shooting.
2012.04.07 Iraq Khan Bani Saad 3 0 ‘Insurgents’ kill three Iraqis with a roadside
2012.04.07 Lebanon Jusiyeh 7 21 Seven Shiite pilgrims are killed by a mortar attack
on their bus.
2012.04.07 Iraq Karrada 2 9 Two passengers on a minibus bleed to death
following a Mujahideen bomb blast.
2012.04.07 Turkey Bahcelievler 0 1 Radicals rush into a church and assault a pastor
when he refuses to embrace Islam.
2012.04.06 Azerbaijan Ganja 1 0 A police officer is killed when an Islamic militant
blows himself up.
2012.04.06 Yemen Mansoura 1 0 A civilian is killed instantly by an al-Qaeda
suicide bomber.
2012.04.06 Dagestan Khasavyurtovsky 1 0 Suspected Islamists gun down a local cop.
2012.04.06 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 55-year-old seminary teacher is shot five times
by sectarian rivals.
2012.04.06 Afghanistan Kunar 2 1 A peace envoy and his son are blown to bits by a
Shahid suicide bomber.

There is a reason we call it Islamic terrorism, and it isn’t because we falsely attribute motives to the terrorists,
but because Islam is the stated purpose and aim of the terrorists.
– Daniel Greenfield

Source: TheReligionOfPeace.com