13 – List of Islamic Terror Attacks For May 2012

June 2, 2012

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2012.05.31 Iraq Baghdad 13 37 A Holy Warrior detonates a delivery truck packed
with explosives near a restaurant, slaughtering at least nine.
2012.05.31 Iraq Amariyah 2 9 Children are among the casualties when sectarian
Jihadis bomb two Sunni homes.
2012.05.31 Nigeria Kano 1 0 A German engineer, kidnapped by al-Qaeda, is
executed in handcuffs during a rescue attempt.
2012.05.31 Dagestan Tsuntinsk 1 0 Muslim militants gun down a teacher on his way
home, then set fire to his school.
2012.05.31 Afghanistan Kandahar 5 6 At least five local cops are blown to bits by a
Shahid suicide bomber.
2012.05.30 Pakistan Mansehra 3 0 Three brothers are shot in their sleep by the
2012.05.30 Kenya Wajir 1 4 al-Shabaab radicals toss a hand grenade into a
shop, killing a patron.
2012.05.30 Somalia Galkayo 6 3 Six Somalis are sent to Allah by suspected
al-Shabaab bombers.
2012.05.30 Pakistan Karachi 2 2 Two Shiites are murdered by Sunni gunmen as they
step off a bus.
2012.05.30 Afghanistan Ghazni 1 0 A cleric is gunned down by Sunni rivals in his own
2012.05.29 Thailand Pattani 3 4 Muslim ‘rebels’ detonate a bomb under a pick-up
truck, killing three people and leaving another four in agony.
2012.05.28 Thailand Pattani 3 4 At least three people are killed when Muslim
terrorists detonate a bomb under a pick-up truck
2012.05.28 Russia Moscow 0 1 A journalist is slashed fifteen times with a knife
outside his apartment for criticizing Islam’s prophet on a radio
2012.05.28 Pakistan Chrakhel 3 6 Sunni gunmen ambush and machine-gun a vehicle
carrying Shia civilians.
2012.05.28 Kenya Nairobi 0 33 Islamists bomb a shopping complex.
2012.05.28 Pakistan Sharbat Khan 2 1 Two women are killed in separate attacks by their
own brothers over premarital sex.
2012.05.28 Pakistan Kot Langarkhel 2 3 Two local soldiers are ambushed and killed by the
Taliban while fetching water.
2012.05.27 Pakistan Nowshera 1 4 Militants detonate a bomb outside a store, killing
a guard.
2012.05.27 Iraq Baghdad 0 24 A bus carrying Shiite pilgrims is upended by a
Sunni roadside bomb, injuring at least two dozen.
2012.05.27 Afghanistan Marjah 2 1 Mujahideen take out two civilians with a roadside
2012.05.27 Nigeria Potiskum 2 5 Religious extremists attack the home of a rival
cleric, shooting two people to death.
2012.05.27 Nigeria Kano 4 0 Four men playing cards under a tree are suddenly
machine-gunned in a Boko Haram drive-by.
2012.05.26 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A local politician is assassinated by Boko Haram.
2012.05.26 Pakistan Kharan 2 3 A 12-year-old boy and his uncle are brutally shot
to death by suspected Muslim radicals.
2012.05.26 Iraq Badush 3 0 Three Iraqis are blown to bits by Jihadi bombers.
2012.05.26 Kenya Dadaab 0 8 Eight people suffer shrapnel injuries when
al-Shabaab militants toss grenades into a refugee camp.
2012.05.26 Nigeria Yobe 2 0 Two men are gunned down in their own homes by
Islamic extremists.
2012.05.25 Afghanistan Helmand 3 9 Sunni radicals kill three Afghans with two bombs.
2012.05.25 Pakistan Kazi Ahmed 7 3 Islamic ‘separatists’ murder seven passengers on a
civilian bus.
2012.05.25 Yemen Hazm 18 5 A woman and her three children are among eighteeen
killed when an al-Qaeda suicide bomber plows into a crowd of
2012.05.25 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Four Islamic militants ambush and murder a local
2012.05.25 Pakistan Sukkur 2 0 Two women are murdered by family members over sex.
2012.05.25 Syria Houla 108 0 Shia militia stage a sectarian attack on eight
Sunni houses, slaughtering over one-hundred people, including
forty-nine children.
2012.05.24 Somalia Galkayo 2 8 Radicals throw a grenade into a rival mosque,
killing at least two.
2012.05.24 Pakistan Killi Chakar 1 0 Militant Sunnis take down a Shiite in a targeted
2012.05.24 Pakistan Kohat 1 4 Terrorists kill a bystander with a bomb placed near
a bus stop.
2012.05.24 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A Shiite is shot to death by Sunnis.
2012.05.23 Iraq Baqubah 3 14 A series of Jihad attacks leave three Iraqis dead.
2012.05.23 Iraq Ramadi 3 10 Sunnis manage to take down three Shia pilgrims
riding on a bus.
2012.05.23 Pakistan Khawezai 2 0 A woman and her young son bleed to death following
a Religion of Peace mortar attack on their residence.
2012.05.23 Pakistan Tirah 1 1 A peace volunteer is ambushed and killed by
Tehreek-e-Taliban hardliners.
2012.05.23 Pakistan Qambarkhel 1 0 Islamic militants gun down an opponent outside a
2012.05.23 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 Islamic militants shoot a businessman to death on
the street.
2012.05.23 Pakistan Ahmedi Shama 0 4 Women and children are among the victims of a
brutal attack on Shiite pilgrims.
2012.05.23 Iraq Mosul 3 2 Extremists enter the home of a Catholic priest,
murder his father and two brothers, and rape his mother and sister.
2012.05.22 Nigeria Borno 1 0 Members of an Islamic sect enter a security
officer’s home and shoot him to death.
2012.05.22 Pakistan Sanda Pal 5 5 Five people are killed when religious extremists
work out their differences.
2012.05.22 Iraq Baqubah 6 6 Two mothers and four children are killed when two
family homes are bombed by Sunni terrorists.
2012.05.22 Yemen Sanaa 1 0 A Spanish embassy guard is kidnapped and murdered
by suspected terrorists.
2012.05.22 Nigeria Maiduguri 4 6 Boko Haram bombers claim the lives of four
2012.05.22 Somalia Baidoa 1 0 Suspected al-Shabaab gunmen assassinate a local
2012.05.22 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 Lashkar-e-Jhangvi is suspected in the murder of a
2012.05.21 Iraq Mosul 4 0 Four Iraqis are gunned down by Sunni ‘insurgents’.
2012.05.21 Lebanon Beirut 2 18 Two people are killed when rival Muslim groups
shoot at each other.
2012.05.21 Iraq Houd 2 1 Two Iraqis are sent to Allah by Jihadi car bombers.
2012.05.21 Yemen Sanaa 112 311 An al-Qaeda suicide bomber detonates amid a crowd
of Yemeni soldiers, massacring about one-hundred.
2012.05.21 Nigeria Benue 5 3 Five people in a Christian village are murdered by
Muslim raiders.
2012.05.21 Iraq Taji 3 2 Terrorists machine-gun three Iraqi police officers
at a checkpoint.
2012.05.20 Nigeria Maiduguri 7 0 Seven people are shot to death by Religion of Peace
activists near a mosque.
2012.05.20 Afghanistan Tirin Kot 4 3 Two children are among four people torn to shreds
by a Religion of Peace suicide bomber.
2012.05.20 Egypt al-Arish 1 0 A tribal sheikh is assassinated by suspected
2012.05.20 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 70-year-old Shiite man is taken out in a targeted
attack by Sunni gunmen.
2012.05.19 Syria Deir Ezzor 9 100 A least nine people are sent to Allah by a Shahid
suicide bomber.
2012.05.19 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Islamic ‘separatists’ murder an owner in front of
his shop.
2012.05.19 Iraq Mosul 3 2 Three local policemen are blasted to bits by Sunni
roadside bombers.
2012.05.19 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A Shiite poet is gunned down by a Sunni terrorist.
2012.05.19 Somalia Mogadishu 2 0 Two people are killed when al-Shabaab militants
toss hand grenades into a market.
2012.05.19 Somalia Mogadishu 5 0 At least five Somalis are exterminated by an
Islamic roadside bomb.
2012.05.19 Nigeria On-Mbaagbu 12 5 Muslim ‘mercenaries’ storm two Christian villages
and slaughter seven people, including a 2-year-old boy butchered
with a knife.
2012.05.19 Afghanistan Khost 13 9 Two children are among at least ten civilians wiped
out by a Taliban suicide attack on a meeting between police and
2012.05.18 Iraq Baghdad 5 34 Holy Warriors bomb a bird market packed with
shoppers, leaving at least five dead.
2012.05.18 Algeria Azzeffoun 2 2 Fundamentalists bomb a Coast Guard barracks,
killing two sleeping members.
2012.05.18 Pakistan Mamond 1 2 A member of a peace committee is ambushed and
killed by Mujahideen.
2012.05.18 Afghanistan Kunar 3 0 Two women and a child are crushed in their own home
by a Sunni mortar round.
2012.05.18 Iraq Baghdad 5 0 A family of five, including three young children,
are murdered in their own home by Muslim ‘insurgents’.
2012.05.18 Iraq Baghdad 5 24 Terrorists detonate a bomb at a restaurant, killing
five innocents.
2012.05.17 Lebanon Tripoli 1 0 A teenager is killed during a sectarian clash
between Sunni and Alawite.
2012.05.17 Pakistan Quetta 2 2 Two Shia police officers are murdered in a targeted
attack by Sunnis.
2012.05.17 Afghanistan Farah 7 13 Seven people are shot or blasted to death during a
sustained Fedayeen assault on a house.
2012.05.17 Pakistan Peshawar 1 1 Muslim militants bomb a commercial district,
killing a shop owner.
2012.05.16 Afghanistan Badghis 1 5 A local cop is disassembled by a Taliban bomb.
2012.05.15 Iraq Mosul 2 0 ‘Insurgents’ assassinate a judge and his driver.
2012.05.15 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Shia man bleeds to death from attack by Sunni
2012.05.15 Pakistan Quetta 2 1 Two Shiite brothers are murdered by
Lashkar-e-Jhangvi gunmen.
2012.05.15 Kenya Mombasa 1 2 A woman dies from a gunshot wound to the chest as
Islamists assault a nightclub.
2012.05.15 Egypt Cairo 1 0 A 20-year-old woman is ‘honor poisoned’ by her
family for falling in love with the wrong man.
2012.05.15 Kenya Dadaab 1 3 An al-Shabaab bombing at a refugee camp leaves one
person dead.
2012.05.15 Iraq Mosul 7 20 Seven Iraqis are taken out by a Shahid suicide
2012.05.15 Pakistan Panian 1 0 A woman is murdered by her family for having an
illicit sexual relationship.
2012.05.15 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 A Christian man is shot to death while walking
2012.05.14 Lebanon Jabal Mohsen 5 70 Five people die when supporters of a Sunni
terrorist attack a Shiite village.
2012.05.14 Iraq Baghdad 1 30 At least one person is killed when Muslim
terrorists bomb a cafe
2012.05.14 Iraq Fallujah 5 18 A suicide car bombing is among three blasts that
leave five people dead.
2012.05.14 Nigeria Adamawa 15 48 Fifteen Christian villagers are massacred by twenty
Fulani raiders.
2012.05.14 Afghanistan Ghormach 9 8 Religion of Peace bombers take down nine civilians
at a market.
2012.05.14 Pakistan Sherakot 2 4 Two local cops are gunned down by terrorists.
2012.05.14 Pakistan Khara Shah 1 9 A civilian is left dead following a Lashkar-e-Islam
2012.05.14 Thailand Beaver Ridge Canaan 1 0 An elderly Buddhist man is shot several times in
the torso by Muslim ‘rebels’.
2012.05.14 Iraq Himreen 2 0 A man and his son are pulled out of their home and
executed by Mujahideen.
2012.05.13 Nigeria Kano 3 4 Fundamentalists open fire on a group of card
players, killing three.
2012.05.13 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A peace negotiator is assassinated by Islamic
2012.05.13 Pakistan Mardan 1 20 A powerful Tehreek-e-Taliban bomb leaves at least
one person dead.
2012.05.13 Lebanon Tripoli 2 0 Two people are killed during a sectarian clash
between Shia and Sunni.
2012.05.13 Pakistan Khawaizai 1 10 Muslim militants kill a civilian volunteer outside
a bazaar checkpoint.
2012.05.13 Syria Damascus 1 0 A Shiite cleric is assassinated by Sunni gunmen as
he stepped out of his mosque.
2012.05.13 Nigeria Mafa 3 0 A civilian is among three people burned to death
when Boko Haram cadres torch a police station.
2012.05.13 Iraq Baghdad 3 9 A Shahid suicide bomber kills three Iraqis.
2012.05.13 Thailand Pattani 0 24 Muslim terrorists throw grenades into a Red Cross
fair, injuring two dozen.
2012.05.13 Pakistan Bhutto Nagar 2 0 Two Shiites are abducted, tortured and then shot to
death by Sunni radicals.
2012.05.13 Pakistan Dhoraji 3 1 A religious scholar and two others are murdered by
sectarian rivals.
2012.05.13 Iraq Fallujah 2 6 A Fedyeen suicide bomber takes out two Iraqis.
2012.05.13 Iraq Saadyiah 1 2 ‘Insurgents’ blow up a home with a family inside,
killing the mother and injuring a child.
2012.05.13 Pakistan Tirah 4 3 Four people are killed when Lashkar e-Islam and
Ansar al-Islam shoot at each other.
2012.05.12 Somalia Mogadishu 3 0 Three civilians bleed to death following an
al-Shabaab grenade attack.
2012.05.12 Germany Bonn 0 2 Two police officers are stabbed by an Islamist.
2012.05.12 Afghanistan Qaraghul 4 0 Sunni hardliners take out four local police with a
roadside bomb.
2012.05.12 Pakistan Bahawalnagar 3 0 A woman is among three people taken down by
sectarian Jihadis.
2012.05.12 Pakistan Peshawar 2 17 Muslim bombers take down two innocents.
2012.05.12 Nigeria Bauchi 2 0 Suspected Islamists bomb a police station, killing
two occupants.
2012.05.12 Afghanistan Helmand 2 0 Two British troops are shot in the back by
Mujahideen in police uniforms.
2012.05.11 Pakistan Hayatabad 1 4 A taxi driver is killed in his cab during a Taliban
mortar attack.
2012.05.11 Pakistan Peeral Rind 2 0 An 18-year-old girl and her boyfriend are ‘honor’
killed by her father.
2012.05.11 Nigeria Kano 1 0 A Shiite cleric is murdered in his home by more
radical rivals.
2012.05.11 Afghanistan Kunar 1 0 A Taliban wearing an army uniform shoots and
American in the back.
2012.05.11 Iraq Baqubah 5 5 Terrorists kill five people in their own home,
including a teenager.
2012.05.10 Afghanistan Paktika 4 5 Four others are left dead when six Shahid suicide
bombers attack a government building.
2012.05.10 Somalia Mogadishu 3 5 Islamists throw grenades into the street, killing
three civilians.
2012.05.10 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A young Shiite is shot through the head and neck by
Sunni militants.
2012.05.10 Iraq Saddamiyat 7 0 Seven suspected al-Qaeda victims are found bound,
blindfolded and shot.
2012.05.10 Syria Damascus 55 372 Two Religion of Peace suicide bombers detonate
during the morning rush hour, sending at least fifty-five people to
2012.05.10 Dagestan Kizlyarsky 2 4 Islamic ‘rebels’ murder two local cops.
2012.05.10 Pakistan Tank 1 5 The Taliban gun down a member of a peace committee.
2012.05.09 Pakistan Nowshera 0 12 A dozen people are injured when Taliban militants
blow up the tomb of a poet who promoted peace.
2012.05.09 Yemen Lawder 3 5 Ansar al-Sharia militants murder three local
2012.05.09 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 60-year-old man is murdered by Sunnis for being a
2012.05.09 Nigeria Tahoss 7 1 Muslim activists set fire to Christian homes and
then shoot those trying to flee, killing at least seven, including
two children.
2012.05.09 Nigeria Rim 1 2 A Christian villager is killed by Muslim attackers.
2012.05.09 Iraq Salah al-Din 2 0 Two electrical workers are killed by a bomb planted
near a pylon.
2012.05.09 Somalia Baidoa 1 0 An aid worker is gunned down by suspected
2012.05.09 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 0 Muslim radicals shoot two cattle traders to death
at a market.
2012.05.08 Pakistan Dhamala 0 3 Three Christian women are ‘beaten mercilessly’ in
their own home by a Muslim gang.
2012.05.08 Pakistan Orangi 1 0 A 35-year-old Shiite man is murdered down by Sunni
2012.05.08 Afghanistan Urgun 5 0 Education ministry officials are cut down in a
brutal ambush by Sunni hardliners.
2012.05.08 Afghanistan Pul-e-Alam 2 0 Taliban gunmen assassinate two locals at a bazaar.
2012.05.08 Afghanistan Pusht Rod 5 0 Five local policemen bleed out following a Religion
of Peace roadside bombing.
2012.05.08 Somalia Mogadishu 7 4 Four children are among seven civilians crushed to
death by an al-Shabaab mortar attack on their neighborhood.
2012.05.07 Iraq Baghdad 1 4 A civilian is killed when terrorists blow up a
2012.05.07 Iraq Baqubah 2 4 A Shia man and his son are blown to bits in their
own home by Sunni extremists.
2012.05.07 Yemen Zinjibar 32 40 Thirty-two soldiers are killed during a sustained
attack by al-Qaeda militants.
2012.05.07 India Kishtwar 1 3 A 12-year-old dies from splinter injuries when
Muslim terrorists toss a grenade into his family’s home.
2012.05.06 Pakistan Miranshah 14 0 Religious extremists kidnap and behead fourteen
local soldiers.
2012.05.06 Pakistan Miranshah 3 15 Three civilians are killed when a shell hits a
mosque during a sustained attack by Islamic militants on security
2012.05.06 Pakistan Turbat 2 1 Two people are killed in their own home by
2012.05.06 Pakistan Miranshah 9 12 Tehreek-e-Taliban militants kill nine local
soldiers in a coordinated ambush.
2012.05.06 Pakistan Dasht 1 11 A Shiite is gunned down in a targeted attack, while
injuries are suffered during a separate attack on a bus carrying
2012.05.06 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 0 A NATO soldier is shot in the back by a Mujahideen
wearing a local uniform.
2012.05.05 Nigeria Hotoro 2 0 Islamic snipers assassinate two security personnel.
2012.05.05 Germany Bonn 0 29 Twenty-nine police are injured when ‘strict
Muslims’ attack with bottles and sticks over cartoons of Muhammad.
2012.05.05 Thailand Yala 1 0 Muslim ‘separatists’ shoot a rival mosque official
to death.
2012.05.05 Philippines Iligan 2 19 Two cousins are killed when suspected Muslims
activists toss a grenade into a restaurant.
2012.05.05 Nigeria Maiduguri 3 4 Three civilians are brought down when Boko Haram
radicals open fire during a wedding.
2012.05.04 Pakistan Khar 29 72 Tehrik-e-Taliban suicide bombers at a bazaar send
two dozen innocents to Allah.
2012.05.04 Afghanistan Nangarhar 5 0 Five Afghan cops are brutally murdered by Taliban
2012.05.04 Egypt Cairo 3 300 Three people are killed when Jihadists storm a
government building.
2012.05.04 Nigeria Kumshe 2 0 Two guards at a jail are shot to death by Boko
Haram radicals.
2012.05.04 Nigeria Taraba 5 0 Muslim extremists gun down five villagers.
2012.05.04 Algeria Boumerdes 2 1 Two Algerians are dismantled by a mortar round
fired by Islamic fundementalists.
2012.05.04 Thailand Yala 1 1 Islamic snipers pick off a father in his pickup
truck and seriously injure his 7-year-old son.
2012.05.03 Dagestan Makhatchkala 12 110 Rescue workers and civilians are among those
bleeding to death in the aftermath of a vicious suicide blast and
follow-up bombing.
2012.05.03 Nigeria Potiskum 56 29 Islamists toss bombs and fire into a cattle market,
massacring about sixty innocents.
2012.05.03 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 The life of a 21-year-old is snuffed out by
suspected terrorists.
2012.05.03 Pakistan Chamarkand 5 2 Tribal elders are among those taken apart by a
Taliban double-bomb attack.
2012.05.03 Thailand Pattani 4 0 Four Buddhists are hunted down and assassinated by
Muslim gunmen.

There is a reason we call it Islamic terrorism, and it
because we falsely attribute motives to the terrorists,
because Islam is the stated purpose and aim of the terrorists.


Source: TheReligionOfPeace.com