. How to Add +K on   Klout.com

April 28, 2012

Klout.com is a tool, or set of metrics that is used to measure influence online. If you enjoy my work and / or my humor, I would greatly appreciate you taking just a moment or 2 to recognize me there. Here is all you do:

1. Go to http://Klout.com
2. Click either of the buttons to sign with Twitter or Facebook
3. Click on the blue button that says “Sign In”
4. Click the “skip” link in lower right.
5. Click the “skip” link in lower right.
6. Click the “skip” link in lower right.
7. Click in the gray bar at the top where it says “Search for topic or influencer”
8. Type in TPO_Hisself and click on my photo
9. Click on “See all” under”Influential about 20 topics”
10. Look thru the list + add a +K next to the topics you feel that I deserve some love for.
11. Know that I dearly appreciate this effort. Klout is a pretty neat tool, I’d suggest you poke around a little, finish your profile, add friends & learn how best to use it.

Thank you & God Bless!!
Tom O’Halloran