Trump vs. Obama

March 21, 2017

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin Obama is a coward. Trump will call someone a name while Obama will anonymously source a smear through three levels of staffers, political allies and reporters. Trump called CNN “Fake News” on camera. Obama sourced Operation Rushbo, targeting Rush Limbaugh, through a variety of White House people and left-wing […]

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Obama’s CIA Embarrassed By Another Mole

March 10, 2017

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin By: Cliff Kincaid | Accuracy in Media It was a case of incredibly bad timing on the part of CBS News. On the same day we learned that there had been a massive leak of classified information engineered through President Obama’s CIA, the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley […]

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Obama’s Role In Undermining Trump’s Presidency

March 10, 2017

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin By: Roger Aronoff | Accuracy in Media   The media continue to publish and broadcast stories about how Donald Trump won the election with the help of the Russians, calling this “collusion,” though no such evidence has surfaced. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has stated that he […]

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President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts

March 5, 2017

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin Law and Justice • First President to Violate the War Powers Act (Unilaterally Executing American Military Operations in Libya Without Informing Congress In the Required Time Period – Source: Huffington Post) • First President to Triple the Number of Warrantless Wiretaps of U.S. Citizens (Source: ACLU) • First President […]

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Watergate 2.0: Obama’s Leftovers Known Now as “Deep State”, ILLEGALLY Deployed to Spy on Trump Admin

March 4, 2017

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin All the recent attacks (See Saul Alinsky’s Rules for radicals) on Attorney General Sessions is all a distraction from the real news, the real scandal that the media is completely ignoring and refusing to investigate.  Thew globalists in Congress are also ignoring this as they want desperately for Trump […]

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Obama Admin Funneled Billions Into Left-Wing Activist Groups

March 3, 2017

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin BY:  AMANDA PRESTIGIACOMO   As reported by Fox News on Wednesday, congressional investigators claim the Obama Administration funneled billions of dollars to left-wing activist groups—such as the National Council of La Raza, National Urban League and National Community Reinvestment Coalition—through a slush fund scheme of the Department of Justice. “Findings spearheaded by the House Judiciary Committee point to a process […]

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February 21, 2017

Email this pageSubmitted by: Veronica Coffin By Kelleigh Nelson There is no escape from this war. Do you want to be ruled by men who eagerly drink the blood of their dying enemies? Such questions are almost never asked. Yet if you read the publicly available ISIS documents on their intentions, there’s no doubt that […]

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Feds Blame “Lapse in Vetting” for Admitting Syrian Refugees with Terrorist Ties into U.S.

February 1, 2017

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin From:  Judicial Watch   Dozens of Syrian refugees already living in the Unites States may have ties to terrorism and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is downplaying it, claiming federal agents missed “possible derogatory information” about the immigrants due to “a lapse in vetting.” Among those who slipped […]

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Trump OBLITERATES Part of Michelle Obama Legacy

January 28, 2017

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin By Kevin Jackson  When Sheriff Joe’s diaper-wearing, bologna-sandwich-eating inmates at “tent city” eat better than your kids, America has a problem. Michelle Obama was known for making kids hate food. Her nutrition program was ObamaCare in the form of “nutrition,” and it was universally despised by students all over […]

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Goodbye, Obama, you “sleeper cell” traitor and enemy of America… (you won’t be missed)

January 24, 2017

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin By: Mike Adams   For the first time I can remember, we now have a nation led by a President who answers to the people, not the corporate lobbyists and special interests. He’s already clobbered the TPP, for example, and there’s much more to come. “What truly matters is […]

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Older Lady Who Loves Obama

January 10, 2017

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin                       This   is certainly a different way to look at what is happening………………..                            One 82-year-old lady loves Obama and she may have a very good point. She says that Obama is amazing, and is rebuilding the American dream! She  gives […]

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Obama just APPROVED a big uranium shipment to IRAN that could be used for NUKES!

January 9, 2017

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin BY THE RIGHT SCOOP   Not only has Obama given Iran billions of dollars as part of his phony nuclear deal, he’s now just approved a huge shipment of uranium to Iran that could be enriched to make nuclear weapons: AP – Iran is to receive a huge shipment […]

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How Trump can undo what Obama did in past 8 years

December 30, 2016

Email this pageSubmitted by: Veronica Coffin By Dr. Eowyn As his days in the White House dwindle to a few, Obama is in a frenzy to do as much damage as possible. Even while he is on vacation in Hawaii, he designated vast swaths of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans as off limits to future […]

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US announces retaliation against Russia over election-related hacking

December 29, 2016

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin From: Associated Press   HONOLULU — In a sweeping response to election hacking, President Barack Obama on Thursday sanctioned Russian intelligence services and their top officials, kicked out 35 Russian officials and shuttered two Russian-owned compounds in the U.S. It was the strongest action the Obama administration has taken to […]

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Breaking Report: John Kerry Is Working On Another UN Resolution That Would Officially Recognize A Palestinian State

December 28, 2016

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin By Michael Snyder   Multiple media outlets are reporting that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is finalizing a document that the Obama administration hopes will form the basis for a UN Security Council resolution that officially recognizes a Palestinian state before the end of Barack Obama’s term on […]

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One White House Obama Display for Christmas is Raising Eyebrows

November 30, 2016

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin By Terresa Monroe-Hamilton Seriously? Well, why not? The Obamas put Mao ornaments on their Christmas trees, so why wouldn’t they give a middle finger to President-elect Donald Trump and hang a portrait up of Hillary Clinton prominently among various Christmas decorations, above a fireplace in the Cross Hall. No […]

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