UK Public school: Islamic militants ‘confiscated Easter eggs

April 21, 2014

Email this pageIslamic school militants ‘confiscated Easter eggs’ A mother of a pupil alleges ­“morality squads” of older boys ­confiscated chocolate and toys from younger children. The woman, who asked not be named for fear of reprisals, told the Daily Express: “Older boys are going round in these morality squads telling off girls if they […]

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The Disappearance of America’s Will

April 21, 2014

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin By Caroline Glick The most terrifying aspect of the collapse of US power worldwide is the US’s indifferent response to it. In Europe, in Asia, in the Middle East and beyond, America’s most dangerous foes are engaging in aggression and brinkmanship unseen in decades. As Gordon Chang noted at […]

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Jews ordered to register in east Ukraine

April 17, 2014

Email this pageJews ordered to register in east Ukraine Jews in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk where pro-Russian militants have taken over government buildings were told they have to “register” with the Ukrainians who are trying to make the city become part of Russia, according to Israeli media. Jews emerging from a synagogue say […]

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Amazing Love: Authentic Movie Making in Israel

April 8, 2014

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin By Chris Mitchell NAZARETH VILLAGE, Israel — You might not realize it, but most movies about the Bible are not made in the Holy Land, something that just may be changing. The feature film, “Amazing Love,” is a retelling of the Prophet Hosea and his unfaithful wife, Gomer. It […]

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Obama Cuts $200 Million From Israeli Missile Defense Partnership

March 10, 2014

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has slashed U.S. contributions to Israel’s ballistic missile defense programs. The Obama administration has proposed a reduction of nearly $200 million in joint U.S.-Israel BMD programs. The 2015 budget would hamper such existing programs as Israel’s Arrow-2, Arrow-3 and David’s Sling. “This is very […]

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When Progressives, Communist Tyrants and Radical Theocrats Start To Beat The Drums Of War…

March 5, 2014

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton <==Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton enters the courtyard at the Union Bank Building where she spoke at the annual Boys and Girls Club fundraiser luncheon in Long Beach, Calif., on March 4, 2014; comparing Vladimir Putin to Hitler. (Photo by Brittany Murray/Long Beach Press […]

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Shifting sands: Obama tips the balance of Mideast power in Iran’s favor for unclear reasons

February 6, 2014

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin By Fariborz Saremi In these strange and unstable times in the Middle East one surprising and superficially positive event is ironically also a new major cause for concern. Iran and the United States of America, longstanding enemies, would appear to be close to lasting rapprochement. Rather than producing greater […]

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Israel Watchful in Midst of Mideast Unrest

February 4, 2014

Email this pageThe only nation in the Mideast that is an oasis of peace is Israel. It does not threaten its neighbors and is aiding the U.S. in the creation of buffer zones in Syria. At the same time, the U.S. is trying to turn the Palestinian Authority into a nation-state that would threaten Israel’s […]

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Hillary on Benghazi – “What possible Difference Can It Make?”

January 27, 2014

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3 Americans among 21 killed in jihad attack on restaurant in Afghan capital by Obama’s “peace” partners

January 19, 2014

Email this page3 Americans among 21 killed in jihad attack on restaurant in Afghan capital by Obama’s “peace” partners Obama’s ongoing failure, and we pay with American lives. And it’s only just beginning. This is “the deadliest violence against foreign civilians in the country since the start of the war nearly 13 years ago.” After […]

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Obama Wants Israel to Negotiate Peace with Muslim Neighbors

January 15, 2014

Email this pageHow Can Israel Negotiate Peace With People That Are Absolutely Obsessed With Exterminating It? Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin By Michael Snyder The Obama administration would have us believe that there will be “lasting peace” in the Middle East if Israel will just agree to a two-state solution based on pre-1967 borders.  Once there […]

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Stages Plan to Eliminate Israel is Basis of PA Policy

January 11, 2014

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik Abbas Zaki, close associate of Mahmoud Abbas, says a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders is only first stage in the PA’s program because “the inspiring idea cannot be achieved all at once. [Rather] in stages” In an interview on Syrian TV, […]

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Kerry’s Looney Diplomatic Agenda

January 7, 2014

Email this pageWhile the Middle East is embroiled in turmoil from al Qaeda, Secretary of State Kerry wants Israel to make peace with the Palestinians, something they have refused to do since 1948. And he thinks “climate change” is the greatest threat to the world. Get a net and throw it over this loon! Article […]

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Israel vs. Islamists: Setting the Record Straight

December 25, 2013

Email this pageBy Phyllis Chesler Lets’ set the record straight before the year ends: Israel is not an apartheid Nazi state. Islam is the largest practitioner of both gender and religious apartheid. Infidel violence against or hatred of Muslims is a mere drop in the bucket. Muslim-on-Muslim violence is a pandemic and indigenous feature of […]

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U.S. scholars’ group votes in favor of academic boycott of Israel

December 19, 2013

Email this pageBy Robert Spencer Yet another indication of the absolute corruption of American academia today. “US scholars’ group votes in favor of academic boycott of Israel,” from the Jerusalem Post, December 16: NEW YORK – The 5,000-member American Studies Association (ASA), which describes itself as “the nation’s oldest and largest association devoted to the […]

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New Obama Plan Fulfilling Bible Prophecy?

December 15, 2013

Email this pageU.S. plan gives Jerusalem holy sites to Vatican.   International mandate to control sections of Israel’s capital. By Aaron Klein TEL AVIV – Secretary of State John Kerry quietly presented a U.S. plan for eastern Jerusalem that calls for an international administrative mandate to control holy sites in the area, according to informed […]

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