Refugee Resettlement: The lucrative business of serving immigrants

August 9, 2016

Email this pageThanks to Taxpayers, Refugee Resettlement is a Lucrative Business Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin By James Simpson, Foundation Watch, July 2015 (PDF here) Summary:  Surveys of Americans show mixed views on immigration issues, and yet for the Left all immigration is good, no matter what laws or legislatures say.  Major donors on the Left, […]

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Al Qaeda Financier Frequented The Clinton White House

August 2, 2016

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin By: Bruce Cornibe | Doug Ross @ Journal Islamists pose a particular security risk to our U.S. government. They want to slowly introduce Sharia law into our system of government and take away our most cherished freedoms. Islamists such as Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations […]

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“Hope And Change” Becomes “Death And Destruction”

July 16, 2016

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin By: Cliff Kincaid | Accuracy in Media President Barack Obama laid the groundwork for the Black Lives Matter movement in his first term when he said that the Cambridge, Massachusetts police “acted stupidly” after an African-American professor was arrested in his own home. It turned out the white policeman […]

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James Comey Makes The Government Safe For Corruption

July 7, 2016

Email this page    Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin By: LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD | Family Security Matters It is times like this that words almost fail me, but, thinking about FBI Director James Comey, “coward,” “disgrace” and “cheap political hack” come to mind. Other words like “hypocrite” and “double standard” are, in this case, equally appropriate. The FBI […]

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How the FBI and DOJ criminalize honest citizens while allowing the criminals in Washington to get away with treason

July 6, 2016

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin by Mike Adams Regardless of your political affiliation, this is a must-read article because it describes in raw, naked detail how the FBI / DOJ justice scam really operates in America. Remember, thanks to the absolute corruption of Washington D.C., “justice” really means “just us.” In other words, the […]

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A Week in the Life of the American Police State

June 21, 2016

Email this pageBy John Whitehead “Those who corrupt the public mind are just as evil as those who steal from the public purse.”—Adlai Stevenson, 23rd Vice President of the United States If you’ve been caught up in the circus that is the presidential election, you’ve likely missed the latest news about all the ways in […]

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Beyond bathrooms: Look what Obama is DEMANDING for transgenders now…

May 15, 2016

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin   Written by Michele Hickford Before you read further, remember…we’re talking about three-tenths of one percent of the U.S. population. The total number of Americans who identify as LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender) is under 4 percent (unless you live in Washington DC. The gay mecca. No, seriously). […]

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Sen Jeff Sessions Warns Congress About Trying to Pass TPP During Lame-Duck…

May 8, 2016

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin by sundance Listed below the video from Jeff Sessions you will find two pdf outlines which detail some of the more concerning aspects of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal. Feel free to share those pdf formats with your friends, family and social circles who are not familiar with the […]

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Congressional “Fix” Made Things Worse; Federal Judge Says National Security Letters Now “Constitutional”

May 7, 2016

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin As the so-called USA Freedom Act was making its way through Congress, we warned that it would do nothing to substantially curtail federal surveillance and could actually make things worse. It made things worse. A federal judge has “ruled” that provisions relating to national security letters (NSLs) – as amended […]

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DOJ: New PC Term for “Convicted Criminal”

April 29, 2016

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin   By Kevin Jackson The Left continually tries to soften the blow when it comes to their stupid antics. They produce terms like “open marriage” to explain adultery, or “undocumented” to explain illegals living in America. They won’t call terrorists, “terrorists,” and they call robbing taxpaying citizens, “investments.” So […]

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Parents beware: The government has found a new way to force children to be vaccinated without parental consent

April 29, 2016

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin   By: Isabelle Z. If you choose not to vaccinate your children, you should know that the government can have you declared unfit and vaccinate them anyway – at least if you happen to live in Michigan. A Michigan appeals court has ruled that a judge acted properly when […]

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Why a President Trump is the only real hope for exposing the truth about vaccines

April 27, 2016

Email this page(and prosecuting those who have conspired to murder our children) Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin By: J. D. Heyes   The mainstream media is hesitant to admit it, and establishment Republican officials – elected and self-appointed – continue to plot against him, but poll after poll shows that leading GOP presidential contender Donald Trump […]

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Welfare Queens: The Society That Liberalism Built

April 25, 2016

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin by Kevin Jackson This welfare queen is unashamed of her occupation of taking taxpayer dollars. She’s a 32-year old woman who smokes dope with her friends, and her rationale for doing so is mind-boggling.     As she explores all the reasons to be a lazy piece of crap […]

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A Purge Of Journalists Has Begun To Destroy the Free Press: “War on Whistleblowers”

April 22, 2016

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin By Mac Slavo America’s proud moniker of ‘Leader of the Free World’ is slipping fast into the recesses of increasingly authoritarian and secretive government. The World Press Freedom Index, issued by the Watchdog group Reporters Without Borders, ranked the United States at a dismal No. 41 out of 180 […]

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Harriet Tubman to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill

April 20, 2016

Email this pageSubmitted by: Veronica Coffin A Treasury official says Secretary Jacob Lew has decided to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, making her the first woman on U.S. paper currency in 100 years. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity in advance of Lew’s official announcement, says that the 19th century abolitionist […]

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Gavel Down Closing out the Week in Congress: April 4-8

April 8, 2016

Email this pageSubmitted by:  Veronica Coffin By WHITNEY WYSZYNSKI, POPVOX Senate returned from recess; House is out until April 12. Senate passed trade secrets bill and began considering FAA reauthorization bill. Senate HELP committee advanced medical innovation bills, lining up floor votes for companion legislation to House-passed bill. Obama Administration released final “fiduciary rule” for investment advisors, […]

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