Paramount’s Blasphemous Film “Office Christmas Party”

November 28, 2016

Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin


As Christmas comes around, many look forward to a restful reprieve from the daily grind to celebrate the glorious Nativity of Our Lord.
That is, everyone except the enemies of Christ…
As you know, many profane “Christmas” movies mock Christ. They portray disgusting promiscuity and make the birth of Our Lord nothing more than a joke.
One such film is “Office Christmas Party,” by Paramount Pictures. Laced with foul language, this movie depicts a blasphemous Christmas party in which Our Lord is mocked.

According to sources, this movie:

  • Mocks Christ and His Nativity
  • Features a cursing Santa who knocks down a nativity scene
  • Is full of profanities and cursing
Here are two things in the movie that shock:
A man dressed as Santa cries out “Merry Christmas, b****es,” and later levels a nativity scene!
A woman cries out “It’s f****** Christmas, b****es! Let’s get m************** drunk!
We should protest this offensive movie by signing this petition, demanding that “Office Christmas Party” be canceled before it is release on December 9th.
Christ came to earth to offer us redemption…and yet men profane this holy day with offenses directly contrary to this mission.
We must defend the honor of our Redeemer!
We should first offer prayers in reparation for these atrocities committed against the Christ child.
And we should also sign this petition, and demand that “Office Christmas Party” be canceled.
On the night of Christ’s birth, it was only the simple shepherds that came to pay him homage…and these pleased Him more than the proud and haughty that refused to honor Him.

Christ came to redeem mankind, and this movie is an attack against Him!Sign the petition, and pray that Our Lord be better treated on the day of His birth.
Add your voice to the petition. Defend Christ’s honor.

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