The disgusting Washington DC Pizza Pedophile Scandal #PizzaGate

November 26, 2016

Over the past several weeks, a pedophile ring operating out of a DC based pizza parlor and neighboring businesses has come to the attention of the media. While main stream media (with a few exceptions) has pretty much ignores this, it has fallen to the blogo-sphere to do the digging and spread the word.

If you follow the links and watch the documentary below, you will be stunned at how many connections there are to not only Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta, but to Hillary Clinton herself, as well as several other powerful ‘movers and shakers in the government.

When the Boy’s Town pedophile case broke decades back, it was easily covered up by the FBI to protect the government officials. Thankfully, we have the Internet today, and we have the ability to make an exponentially louder racket about what is going on, and force an official investigation. Here is the Boys Town documentary by the Discovery Channel:

Please watch the video, and follow the links. while some ‘connections’ are nebulous, others are are stark and undeniable. The plethora of ‘code words’ and satanic symbolism will shake you to the core, if you have the courage to open your eyes.

The best video collection that I have seen:

A Primer on #PizzaGate:

The best collection of links that I have found (has been banned from Reddit)

Here is the first page I started learning about this scandal:

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