Network Attacks Catholics

November 24, 2016

Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin

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 Earlier this year, America Needs Fatima collected 58,644 protest petitions against Disney/ABC’s first season of the anti-Catholic “The Real O’Neals.”
But Disney/ABC has renewed this program which brutally mocked “all Catholics, most notably their clergy…frauds obsessed with creating an appearance of moral perfection” and ‘typical’ Catholic families.
Could the evident and brutal anti-Catholic scripting in this series reflect the producer’s and corporate board’s institutional bias against our holy Catholic faith?
The following certainly makes me wonder:
According to one Catholic E-Newsletter, “Anyone who thinks that money alone drives Hollywood doesn’t understand the role that ideology plays…..Bringing back “The Real O’Neals” for a second season … is a case in point.” “Nielson ratings for the 2015-2016 season reveal that ABC chose to cancel four shows that drew a larger audience than “The Real O’Neals.”
The same source shows that Nielson ranked “The Real O’Neals” at #106. Yet “Castle” (#44), “Blood & Oil” (#78), “The Muppets” (#90), and “The Family” (#104) were cut. “It is hard to resist the conclusion that Disney/ABC made a calculated ideological decision not to give in to pressure…”
If you do have a moment, and want to learn just what it is that makes The Real O’Neals so disgusting, then read on:
 Read the facts as they have been reported. You’ll understand what this evil program is trying to do to the Catholic Faith. Then please join our petition.
  • The two brothers of this “Catholic” family are shown watching pornographic films on a laptop.
  • Hard-core, same-sex film viewing in this “Catholic” household is made to appear normal and acceptable.
  • The “Catholic” mother encourages her 16-year-old son, who is experiencing and not fighting against same-sex attraction, to “try sex” with a girl.
  • Our Lord “appears” to the son with same-sex attraction, pulling the boy off where they won’t be seen or heard by the others, so that He can confide that the boy’s mother’s “strict guidelines” annoy Him.
  • The daughter uses her project in a science fair to try to prove that there is no God.
  • The story-line is written so that this daughter misses Mass, doubts God without sincerely seeking answers, and shows blatant disrespect towards her Pastor. The pastor is shown to be unable to answer her questions and is “backed into a corner.”
  • Almost every scene is filled with sexual innuendos, implications, or mockery of faith – i.e., Catholicism.

And these were not the worst examples

Disney/ABC promotes as “just your typical, all-American, Catholic, divorcing, disgraced, law breaking, gay family” — and their struggle would be more difficult.  They would feel more alone than ever, perhaps fall into despair, and just follow the culture like those around them.
I feel obliged before God to relate what Disney/ABC is airing. It is nothing less than a mockery of Catholicism. 

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