The Communist’s War on Christianity

September 17, 2016

The following is an excerpt from his fiction book, The Real Communist Plot, by Earl Jones, available on Amazon.  By permission

Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin

Written by:  Earl Jones

The Real Communist Plot by [Jones, Earl]


Christianity runs counter to communists’ ideals in so many ways that it becomes imperative to eliminate religion in America in order to have communism become the political reality that communists wish it to become.   Of course, the official state religion of communist countries is ‘no religion’, because they are mostly atheists who want the entire world to think and act the way they do.

Our American Constitution has a clause known as ‘the Establishment Clause’, which defines the role of religion in the United States of America. When one tries to interpret a law or clause in the Constitution, it is essential to understand the intent of the Congress when they wrote the law (it is kept in the congressional archives). The congressional intent has been intentionally misinterpreted by the communists in this country when it relates to several major clauses, including the aforementioned Establishment Clause.

When the constitution was written the founding fathers had fought a war against England and religious freedom was, and is, an inalienable right as included in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights. In England King George had one national religion which everyone had to practice and he wanted to impose that religion on the American colonies as well—our founding fathers did not want to be told which religion they had to belong, but they did not want to eliminate all religion in or out of the government.

When they wrote the Establishment Clause they wanted to make sure that our new government did not establish any one particular religion, or tell American citizens which religion to believe in—that is why they wrote that the federal government ‘would establish no religion’, in which the people must participate. They did not say anything at all about keeping all religion separate from our government or way of life. In fact, our country was established as ‘one nation under God’, and every aspect of our life has been intertwined with prayer and religion of some type, complete with the Christian imagery, even on our printed paper money and coin. The founding fathers had no intent to keep religion out of government: they only wanted to insure that there would not be any one religion established by the government. If one wants to verify that fact it’s a simple matter of looking it up in the Library of Congress through a search engine—just type in U.S. Constitution/Establishment Clause/Legislative Intent.

The progressive/communists have interpreted that clause as to mean that we should not have anything to do with any religion in our government, which is an intentional misinterpretation of the ‘Establishment Clause’ for the purpose of declaring war on religion—that is mandatory for the progressive/communist agenda to take over this country. Americans need to be aware of that and fight back to save our way of life.

Why do the communists/progressives want to eliminate religion? There are a number of reasons, but a couple of main ones are: first, it’s much easier to take away property from those who have earned it in order to redistribute the wealth if one ignores the teachings of the Bible, which clearly instructs us to earn, save and accumulate wealth—it is, in fact your duty to provide for your family in such a manner, and it is not the government’s duty. Christians are well aware of that and will not give up their property willingly. Perhaps they’ll decide it’s time to dump some more tea in the Boston Harbor, not that this author would advocate anything that drastic—yet; the second major reason is that it’s easier to make the poor dependent on the ‘Nanny State’ by putting them all on Welfare, SSI, Food Stamps and many of the plethora of government programs they’ve invented to replace Christian charity, which worked just fine for a couple hundred years and would continue to work just fine given half a chance.   If the communists/progressives eliminate or marginalize Christianity they put poor people in a position that they must depend on the ‘Nanny State’, and become devoted little Democrats in order to ensure that they keep the Welfare coming.  Don’t be fooled by the fact that the communists pretend to be Christians themselves by showing up at various churches for photo-ops; that’s only a ruse.

The communist progressives pretend to be tolerant, but they’re only tolerate of people who agree with them, not those who have different beliefs—that is precisely why you see this recent push to eliminate prayer in schools or government entities and it runs counter to the real interpretation of the Constitution’s Establishment Cause, as well as a tolerant outlook that people in America shared for several hundred years. We’ve worked hard and shed blood to eliminate prejudices and wrongs perpetrated on various minority groups in America and the progressive/communists are doing everything they can to undo that; it doesn’t promote their agenda if we all get along, which is precisely why the major news outlets try to drive a wedge between all of the races and different cultures—between men and women, and between different sexual orientations. They will do anything they can to create turmoil and undo everything we’ve achieved—don’t fall for it.

Frankly, the communists’ attempts to drive wedges between the different racial groups had failed miserably until Obama.  Historically, there were many things done wrong with integration and too long a period of affirmative action, that made life harder than necessary on all Americans, but everyone overcame those difficulties and we were getting along better racially until the last seven years or so, when someone, I’ve already said who I believe was behind it, started stirring everything up between the blacks and whites. Although it started with the Trayvon Martin case, it continued, with the stoking from the media (and we already know who controls them) through Baltimore, New York and others. In my opinion the “Black Lives Matters” movement was a professionally orchestrated operation designed to organize a large number of angry young black men and have them on standby for anytime the powers that be decide they need to riot in a very big way for some specific political purpose (i.e. to justify establishing Marshall Law at the right time.

After all, young black men have been shot and arrested out of proportion to their numbers for a long time in America. Many blacks would like to think and promote the thought that it is simply because white police officers hate, and want to kill them.  Many whites would like to think it is because most of the violent crime is committed by black youth who are getting just what they deserve. In actuality the truth lies somewhere in between those two extremes.  I know for a fact, because I practiced criminal defense for a long time, that a much higher rate of violent crime really is committed by black youth per capita, for whatever reason—poverty, feeling disenfranchised, single-parent family with fewer fathers at home; whatever the social reason for the accelerated crime is, I don’t know. I’m sure there are numerous sociological theories out there of which I am unaware, but it really doesn’t matter. The point is that this has been going on for a long time, whatever the reason; so why is it suddenly so dramatically bad that the Black Lives Matter group wants to kill police officers?  Because someone is behind it: of course the media is flaming it and always in a hurry to over dramatize every incident, but what is the sudden difference?

I’ll tell you what the sudden difference is: the communists had lost their battle to instigate turmoil among Americans before Obama, but when they got their man in office they saw their chance to finish Khrushchev’s goal and they’re taking it.

As mentioned, a lot of things were done wrong and a lot of people suffered needlessly with integration and affirmative action, but it worked for the most part. Those blacks that were on the front edge of all of that change had to work extra hard to get where they are now, and a lot of whites had to suffer the effects of affirmative action which denied them slots in schools and jobs, but everyone sucked it up and buckled down and made it work. The entire nation suffered for the sins of persons who lived long ago, but we made it through our trial by fire and we can’t let the communists take that away from us after all of that hard work.

The only way to get over this is to end the current communist plot by throwing the bums out of office. We are a great nation and we can get through this too, if we use our heads and don’t cave in to contrived efforts to destroy us.

It will be close, but with God’s help we will come through all of these troubled times as a nation and thrive once more.

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Earl Jones

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Earl Jones is a sixty-five year old who made a career in the Army as a non-commissioned officer. After retiring in 1995, he attended law school and graduated, practicing general law with a concentration in criminal law until retiring from the law in 2007.   He is the author of several crime thrillers and fiction political books under the pen name Earl Jones.  He has been happily married to one woman for forty-four years, whom he calls, “The love of my life.”


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