WikiLeaks: DNC emails Show Racist Outreach to Latinos Called “Taco Bowl Engagement”

July 24, 2016

DNC proves beyond all doubt that they ARE the racist party. Their own words are tanking the Hillary campaign.

The DNC Convention convenes tomorrow, and this email is found within the Wikileaks email blast sent out on Friday. This email comes straight from the DNCcomes straight from the DNC.

It’s a good thing Tim Kaine speaks spanish, it will be needed to explain this extremely racist shit.

Day by day, the DNC is imploding. As if the GOP convention wasn’t enough to propel Trump into the White House, these DNC clowns are shooting holes in their own canoe… it is like Christmass in July here in America!!

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

(h/t to Bill W for the email)

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