One of the Best Laid-out Arguments for Trump/Against Cruz

March 14, 2016

Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin


From Teresa Zerilli-Edelglass Facebook Page:

Here is one of the best laid-out arguments for Trump/against Cruz I’ve ever come across. I had respectfully commented on a friend’s post (where he asked who was for Trump and who for Cruz), and this was in response to my comment. I asked the author for permission to copy/paste to my page. I’ll omit her name, however, not sure it’s necessary although she is welcome to step forward. This is NOT an attack on anyone…it is an argument, a case for/against, an opinion…NOT an attack. So do me a favor and please keep your powder dry.

“I’m totally in agreement with you, Teresa, only my vetting of Cruz indicates that he is not so far to the right.

Cruz’s record doesn’t mesh with his words, nor the narrative that the so-called “Conservative” media has pushed to portray him, which includes Mark Levin’s attempt to sell us the “poison pill” hoax .

Cruz is a full-fledged, card-carrying, consummate establishment insider. He was a policy adviser to G.W. Bush, which is how he met his wife, Heidi, and he helped him to win the voter count matter with Gore. He has spent his entire career in government, from an adviser to Bush to a position at the Federal Trade Commission.

His wife Heidi also worked for the Bush Administration under Condoleezza Rice and was directly involved in the North American Union. She was on the Foreign Policy Committee and a task force that helped to forge SPP and, of course, as most of us know, is still part of the Goldman Sachs cabal.

Cruz’s staffers are Washington insiders, and his contributors include some of the most influential lobbyists and special interest groups with the lion’s share of contributors from the gas and oil industry–more so than any other candidate. This is also the reason Cruz has employed typical establishment tactics to propel his campaign, which includes but is not limited to voter deception and fraud. It is also why his meetings with the Bushes, Rubio, and Kasich, the latter of whom has been funded by Soros, and his endorsement by G.W. Bush’s son, should come as no surprise. Although they may not like him on K Street, he is one of them, and they know.

Regardless of Cruz’s grandstanding and contrary to his recent statements and those on his website that deny it, he publicly promoted both TPA and TPP, which cedes American sovereignty over to global powers, in an oped with Paul Ryan, and voted in favor of the Fast Track for Obamatrade. In my opinion, both are anti-American, but Cruz has spent most of his political career involved in and promoting one form of global trade power or another.

Trump has it right. Free trade is merely a buzz word and euphemism, similar to that of the Federal Reserve. It connotes a far different impression that its actual goal and agenda, which ultimately chips away at our Constitution and sovereignty and takes the power out of the hands of Americans and Congress.

Cruz also voted in favor of the Corker Iran Bill, which paved the way for the Iran deal. Despite his poison pill claim, which is a hard pill to swallow that defies commonsense, he pushed for amnesty and a 500% increase in H1B1 visas.

He is not a natural born citizen and therefore ineligible to be president and, not unlike Obama, has sealed his records on this. During the time of his birth in 1970, Canada did not permit dual citizenship, and his mother voted in Canada, which means she too had to be a citizen of Canada and could not hold dual citizenship for both Canada and America.

Either way, a natural born citizen cannot be classified as such through statute; a natural born citizen is classified as such only through natural law. This would be an extremely dangerous precedent to set. Based on the false logic and premise that Cruz is eligible for the presidency pursuant to Article II or to any other statute or amendment, one could then presumably argue that a person born to an American mother in the Gaza strip under Hamas control could migrate to America and, after nine years, run for president.

The founders were very clear and precise in their language governing presidential eligibility and for good reason–in order to ensure American loyalty and sovereignty and to avoid the possible threat of foreign alliances.

While Cruz uses his Constitutional expertise as a selling point to manipulate us, he is one of its gravest offenders, and I personally have caught him in numerous lies–not to mention the fact that he deliberately failed to report to the FEC his loans from Goldman Sachs and Citibank.

All this only touches the surface of Cruz’s controversial record juxtaposed his dishonest representation of himself, as well as that of the entire establishment apparatus, which includes the so-called “Conservative” media.

In any event, America does not necessarily need a Constitutional expert to run the country. Nor does it need a preacher. There are ample advisers who could consult any president on Constitutional law, and I personally am not necessarily looking for an ideologue to run the country . We’ve had our share of that with Obama preaching to us from his pulpit. My relationship with G-d and my faith is something very personal.

I do, however, seek a president with integrity and values, and, regardless of the barrage of attacks and propaganda that have been lodged against Trump, he does indeed have a strong constitution. His children reflect his own values.

We need a strong leader who loves America, who is willing to shake up the systemic corruption in Washington and dismantle the political class that puts self-interest over the will of the people, who is not beholden to special interest and lobbyist groups, and who is focused on American sovereignty and national security. Everything else pales in comparison at this particular time in history. (Besides which, It is not the president’s role to inject him or herself in social issues, other than setting the tone by example.)

Trump offers all the above, as well as a conservative commonsense approach to secure our borders, strengthen our national security and economy, and to bring back jobs and manufacturing to America. Unlike any of the other candidates, he is beholden to none, represent the voice of the people, and and engages with average Americans–not the elite political class.

The desperate efforts of the entire political and media machine to derail Trump’s campaign only serve to confirm my support of Trump as a candidate.”

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