Army Combat Teams Making Soldiers Take This Off Their Uniforms

March 3, 2016

Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin




Some Army combat teams are taking a controversial step when it comes to some military uniforms.

What they’ve decided to do: Remove combat patches. The reason behind it: to boost morale.

The Army Times reported that:

The commander of Fort Carson’s 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team wants soldiers’ uniforms to be bare to the bone, only showing name, rank, American flag, U.S. Army tape and the unit’s 4th Infantry Division insignia.

The purpose is to promote a unified Army culture, Col. David Hodne recently told the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Hodne also wants to boost morale by making newcomers feel welcome.

Maj. Kevin Boyd of the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team explained:

“While we are all proud of our individual accomplishments, when training in the field, we’re building a team and do not need to focus, or be distracted, by our own or others’ individual accomplishments.”

How did Army veterans feel about the move?  Here’s what they said.

U.S. Army Iraq war veteran Drew Norman:

“This was obviously started by officers without combat time. This isn’t about making the new guys feel welcome, it’s about making the new officers feel superior.

The fact that we have 22 year old college kids ordering 18 year multiple combat tour veterans and lecturing them on war tells you all you need to know about how broken our commissioning system is.”

U.S. Army Afghan war veteran Stephen Carroll:

“I think it’s an absolutely horrid idea. Simply because some of them don’t fall into the group of those who have gone down range doesn’t mean that everyone else should hide what they’ve done. It’s the military, not a group of middle school students.”

U.S. veteran Michael Mumford, who used more colorful language:

“When I was a cherry a** boot we got hazed, beat up and f***** with. I admit I hated it but once I had earned my place in the platoon it felt better than any award the Army has ever given me. Inclusiveness isn’t the problem.

The problem is our leadership is soft, only cares about their careers and we lost all the men we respect to the social experiment parade and we don’t feel like we f****** belong anymore.”

Other Army Combat Teams have reported similar changes to their uniform policy.



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