THE FACTS: Ted Cruz is NOT Who He Pretends To Be

February 14, 2016

Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin


When I helped Ted get elected to Senate, I was convinced he was a principled, Christian conservative unlike any we had seen for ages.  With his outright evasion over his citizenship and eligibility, I put down my cup of Cruz Kool-Aid and wanted to find the facts.  There are enough that I feel it necessary to begin organizing them for reference.
Jim B.


***BREAKING**** CNN: Princeton Debate Member says Cruz claimed he was a dual citizen.


In 2014, Ted Cruz claimed that did not know he still had Canadian citizenship, and formally revoked it.

At right is a clip from a New Hampshire Cruz rally where a 17 year old, first time voter asked how it was possible that Cruz did not know this all along, especially since he was a constitutional expert.  Cruz refused to answer the question, instead claiming that contrary to multiple Supreme Court cases and writings of the founders, “it has always been that way.”

Even when CNN asks Ted to cite the specific legal argument – Cruz simply says “the Constitution is very clear”  – something even legal scholars supporting Cruz’s position overwhelmingly deny.

However, Michael Lubetsky, a Canadian who was on the Princeton debate team with Cruz, has come forward saying that not only did Cruz know, he talked about it often.


Did Ted Cruz enter the United States Illegally? 

Conflicting reports from Cruz spokesperson on when he became a US citizen with proper docs

Where is his Consular Report of Birth Abroad (Required since 1919 for foreign born US kids)

SCOTUS, Congress and Founder Evidence of “Natural Born Citizen” definitions

Ted Cruz Doesn’t Answer 17 yr old voter why he didn’t know he was a Canadian until 2014

Why “Natural Born Citizen” was so important to Founders and is still today

Scholar papers and Notable Officials that Cruz Rubio are not Natural Born Citizens

Exhaustive Legal Argument explaining error on Illinois Board of Elections decision

And the ultimate hypocrisy for someone who is a beneficiary of “birth right” citizenship.  In 2011 he claims he is for it and it won’t help to change it.  Now he claims he was ALWAYS for it….INCLUDING in 2011!!

Ties and Affiliations

Wall Street (biggest receiver of funds in 2016 campaign) and (deep) CIA/NSA
(Including CIA front to spread disinformation on Glen Greenwald’s NSA reporting )

Super Pac Ties to Mitch McConnell

Heidi Cruz’s Position and Work on Council of Foreign Relations and a North American EU

Heidi Cruz positions as director at National Security Council under Condoleezza Rice and Deputy Director under former World Bank President (’07 – ’12) / US Trade Representative head

NSA (And Humanistic Modeling) Data Mining Companies for Personal Campaign Use

Ted’s reliance on wife Heidi Cruz’s input and her role in the campaign

“She and I,” Cruz said, “make every major decision together.”

Hired Dirtiest Campaign Adviser in the Country

Gay “Lavender Mafia” Donors

Refuses to Fight Against Gay Marriage after request to do so by Houston Mayor

Try to shut up corporate corruption whistle blower as corporate attorney

College Days – “creepy to girls on his dorm floor”

College Roommate: 99% of why I hate him is his personality.  Even if I agreed with him politically, I would only hate him 1% less because of his personality.

George Bush disdain for his former employee (but no other candidate)

Mitch McConnell and the GOP Establishment (Then engineering fake distancing)

  • Joined forces with Mitch McConnell in October 2013
  • Would not campaign for conservative challengers in 2013/2014
  • Gave $200,000 from his Leadership PAC to the NRSC


Eminent Domain (for private businesses like ConocoPhillips using it)

Flips position on ObamaTrade after months of support and Trump pressure
WSJ: Writes Op-Ed in support of WITH Paul Ryan, then votes against it 2 months after.
Video of Ted supporting the sovereignty/constitution killing OTrade/TPA/FastTrack

Sided with Obama on Giving Iran Nuclear Power

Expansion of H1-B and Green Cards for Guest Workers

Sen. Ted Cruz, fresh from his victory in the Iowa Republican caucuses, has done it again. He has told another whopper about his record on immigration.
(This is how mainstream ALREADY sees Cruz.  He will be excoriated in the election)

Cruz “Open” to Legal Status for Illegal Immigrants

Lower Mandatory Minimum Sentances

Armed Services (Didn’t show up to even 50% of his hearings)
(But had plenty of time to campaign in Iowa, South Carolina since elected.)

Defended Obama Stimulus for Union although condemned it publicly

Believes worries about proven cancer causing GMO’s are “anti-science zealotry.”
(Proof GMO’s correlate to 22 diseases)

With Rubio, wants to deny STATES RIGHT to label GMO’s

Wants “evil” VAT tax – Has expanded government EVERY TIME it’s implemented
(ForbesHeritage FoundationNational ReviewCATO)

Although VAT will expand power/role of IRS, Cruz simultaneously called for it’s abolishment.

 Supported/Defended (aggressively) NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND and Bush big government spending

Uses SAME left wing foreign policy consultant as Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio

Campaign Lies, Deceptions and Privacy Invasion
Few Cruz supporters – or Texans – know that Ted began his Presidential campaign THREE MONTHS into taking his Senate seat a a first time congressmen.  Hedisingenuously denied he had already begun running even while spending an inordinate amount of time and money in primary states.

Ted Cruz has taken a book from Adolph Hitler and Barak Obama in taking a big lie and proclaiming it so loudly, that no one would suspect someone like him would possibly make it.  For example, He says in a fund raising letter that he “will never get” nor does he want “money from D.C. lobbyists or the special interest billionaires.”  His own filings tell a completely different story. (h/t The Gateway Pundit)

Cruz campaign appears to violated HIS OWN STATE’S LAWS in sending out a fake “check” to donor prospects.  (Don’t forget – he was Solicitor General of Texas).



Here is a real sign of character.  When he was running for Senate, the Dewhurst campaign sent out a mailer smearing and lying that Cruz represented a Chinese company stealing American blueprints.  He even claimed he was incensed since it went to his father.  What did Cruz do?  He hired the man who created the mailer TO BE HIS presidential campaign architect.  A man who had no national political success to speak of at that time, but a reputation to be “the worst” of dirty politics, including driving some opponents to suicide.


Ron Paul came out yesterday created a furor by saying of Cruz, “he’s owned by Goldman Sachs.”  The CrowdPAC chart to the right shows that not only is he the largest recipient of Wall Street donations, he has MORE than Hillary. Suddenly those undisclosed loans from Goldman Sachs and Citibank take on a new light.  Two big reasons why this is damning:

  1. The law is clear.  So either Cruz can’t manage accurate reporting (something he has derided political opponents and the White House about), or he was lying.
  2. He was already caught lying about this.  Cruz had an eloquent story he originally told:

 “Sweetheart, I’d like us to liquidate our entire net worth, liquid net worth, and put it into the campaign,” he says he told his wife, Heidi, who readily agreed.

The truth is “liquidate” to Ted was to get a sweetheart loan from his wife’s employer and the CAMPAIGN paid it back.   The Cruz’s were never out a penny.  And it was a Hillary-like “we were broke” moment.

Getting confirmation from the FEC of these violations, a former Cruz supporter jumped to Trump after hearing Ted blatantly lie about the facts..  A Must Read with FEC documentation.

(Breitbart timeline – TalkingPointsMemo timeline)

    1. 6:41 pm CNN tweets Carson going to FL after IA but NOT dropping race.
    2. 6:44 pm CNN’s Dana Bash says it is “unusual” but DOES NOT SAY CARSON dropping out.
    3. 6:53 pm Cruz campaign does NOT verify report with Carson, but sends email/text/post to that “Carson taking time off with big announcement next week.”
    4. 6:53 pm Carson campaign clarifies report that he is “only going home to get clean clothes” NOT dropping out of race. Carson campaign tweets “We’re here!”
    5. 7:00 pm Iowa Caucus Begins
    6. 7:01 pm Cruz campaign sends text/email blast to 1500 precinct chairpeopleimplying Carson getting out of race, and to TELL CARSON supporters to vote for Cruz. Cruz Tweet here.
    7. 7:05 pm Carson campaign spokesperson clarifies Carson is in race.
    8. 7:07 pm Cruz sends audio message to campaign that Carson is getting out of campaign, “tell Carson supporters, and tell them to vote for Cruz.”
    9. 7:12 pm National Cruz Co-Chair, US Representative Steve King equates“leaving early is same as suspending campaign.”
    10. 7:20 pm Even AFTER others protest to Rep. King, King tweets, “guess he’s out. hope people vote for Cruz.”
    11. 7:29 pm Second audio goes to all Cruz supporters saying same as 7:07 pmmessage.
    12. 7:30 pm Major news broadcasters continue denials of false report, and Cruz continuing to send out false messages – CNN AGAIN sends clarifying tweet Carson is in.


  1. 10:52 pm Cruz Public Relations chief (Professional CIA disinformation operative with ties to George Soros) sends multiple tweets trying to blame Trump campaign, then deletes it.
  2. Cruz FLAT LIED that CNN had inaccurately reported that Carson was suspending his campaign “from 6:30 p.m. to 9:15,” and “didn’t correct that story until 9:15 that night.”
  3.  Cruz finally admits wrongdoing, apologizes to Ben Carson – WHILE blaming CNN.

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad (R), who opposed Cruz openly during the race, said Thursday that Cruz’s tactics had been “unethical and unfair.”
Also on Thursday, Carson said that the Cruz campaign never tried to verify the truth before sending false information to supporters.
“As a Christian man, I accept the apology he has since offered and I take him at his word that he didn’t know,” Carson said. “But no actions have been taken to correct the problem. That I cannot accept.
“One thing is now clear — while Senator Cruz may preach against the ‘Washington Cartel,’ he will still adopt, or at least not condemn, Cartel tactics for his own political gain,” Carson wrote.


Cruz is taking Facebook data – mostly without permission – from millions for his campaign

Cruz planting SPYWARE on Cruz user phones to get names, addresses of friends and contacts

Cruz software classifies users as “neurotic”– even those taken without permission –  if they have concerns about country, illegal immigration or gun control

“Cruz had a London-based firm on call to tell him which Iowans were introverted and which were neurotic.” (Source)


Lies about His Tithing and Charitable Giving to Christian Reporter

Ted Cruz tells Morningstar Church, Trump is “for” ObamaCare.  Only thing is CRUZ KNOWS THIS ISN’T TRUE since Cruz spoke at Trump’s resort and Trump gave him $5,000 citing his filibuster over ObamaCare.

Cruz gives Carly Fiorina $500,000 during campaign.  (Need to see if coincides with her attacks on Trump.)

Sent Obama-like “voter violation” mailers to Iowans SHOWING THEM how their neighbors voted, and suggesting they were in “violation” if they didn’t vote.  (Iowa Gov investigation possible voter fraud violation)
Gave “vigorous defense” (according to George W) of Roberts appointment then denied he ever supported him to Bush.

Congressional Budget and Economy

Liberal and Mainstream Reporters Frustrated at Cruz’s Evasiveness and Lies (Not Policy)

Cruz SuperPac head admits would have hard time breaking “establishment” label without George W. Bush’s comments

Huge gay GOProud donor is one of Cruz’s biggest donors




Here Cruz operatives break Iowa election law by handing out old photos of Donald Trump with Bill and Hillary Clinton:


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