RINO Report on Jeb Bush

August 10, 2015

Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin

Written by Robert Moon


RINO = Republican In Name Only

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush hands out items for Holiday Food Baskets to those in need outside the Little Havana offices of CAMACOL, the Latin American Chamber of Commerce on December 17, 2014 in Miami, Florida.

When Republicans un-apologetically embrace conservatism with the time-proven Reagan-Bush Sr. approach, they win by landslides. It happens every time. When they “reach across the aisle” and vote like Democrats on issue-after-issue with the failed Dole-McCain-Romney approach, our right-of-center electorate doesn’t show up and they always lose.

The following is a list of Jeb Bush‘s liberal RINO policy positions and red flags from his background:

-In February of this year, he endorsed the Dream Act and a “path to citizenship” for illegal immigrants. In April of 2014, he called illegal immigration “an act of love,” and has demanded that illegal immigrants receive full legal residency (March of 2014). He has also demanded that they be given total amnesty (March of 2013), and blames our laws for illegal immigration (March of 2013). He provided Florida license exams in Spanish, free of charge (at taxpayer expense) in 2000 and tried to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants in 2004.

-He has repeatedly and enthusiastically defended Common Core (February of 2015, April of 2014, March of 2014, October of 2013) and No Child Left Behind (October 2013). In 2005, hecreated a massive new statewide pre-kindergarten program at taxpayer expense.

-In May of 2002, he banned offshore drilling in Florida. He spent billions of Florida tax dollars on left-wing environmental projects and government land purchases (March of 2004, December of 2009). In June of 2006, he gave special interest tax breaks to “green” energy companies, and he supports federal ethanol mandates and wind subsidies.

-Florida’s overall spending skyrocketed by 45% during Bush’s terms. He exploded the debt by $7.7 billion. He proposes a new government program (like ‘Operation Paycheck’) for every problem and demonstrates zero fiscal restraint. In October of 2001, he announced a major “spend ourselves into prosperity” proposal to stimulate Florida’s economy.

-In April of this year, he refused to make any kind of pledge against tax hikes, and admits that “compromise” on raising taxes is perfectly reasonable. In July of 2012, he supported an Internet sales tax.

-In October of 2013, he lectured conservatives against de-funding Obamacare.

-In April of 2014, he supported imposing mandatory background checks on all private gun sales.

-In February of this year, Republicans closest to him said his views on homosexual marriage were “evolving.” He has already changed positions on homosexuals adopting children, and responded to the Supreme Court’s blatantly illegal invention of homosexual marriage rights in June (at the expense of actual constitutional rights like state sovereignty and free religious exercise) by instantly surrendering on the issue.

-In January of this year, he made the following statement (to justify not fighting back against egregious judicial activism on homosexual marriage): “We live in a democracy, and regardless of our disagreements, we have to respect the rule of law.” In fact, we live in a republic (the Founders saw democracy as two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner, and very deliberately sought to avoid it at all cost), and it is a huge red flag anytime a Republican cannot tell the difference.

Additionally, the “rule of law” (which suddenly somehow matters to the GOP’s leading proponent of amnesty) was completely and utterly abandoned the moment a tiny handful of un-elected, unaccountable liberal extremists in Washington illegally hijacked the Federal Government to issue this tyrannical edict, thereby destroying marriage as an institution and criminalizing Christianity in the process.

-In March of 2008, he demanded greater race and gender diversity in trial judges (i.e., preferential treatment for everyone but white males), instead of simply prioritizing qualifications and merit (actual equality). In July of this year, he said that Obama is “speaking the truth” on racial injustice.

-He was the director of an organization that gave tens of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood.

-In 2013, he cautioned the GOP against being “the party of anti-everything” (i.e., following the Constitution).

-In 2009, he supported the bank bailouts, and in October of 2012, he supported the AIG bailout.

-In October of 2011, he ignored all the facts and evidence to perpetuate the left’s wildly erroneous misinformation about what destroyed the economy in 2008, falsely blaming the banks and “not enough government,” rather than the relentless federal attacks on the housing market that directly imploded the system.

-In May of this year, he was for the war in Iraq, before he was against it.




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