Judge Napolitano Says Hillary Email Revealed Location of Ambassador Stevens in Libya

August 6, 2015

Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin


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Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be on the campaign trail right now, she should be in prison.

According to Judge Andrew Napolitano, several emails he read from Hillary revealed the location of Ambassador Stevens in Libya, along with the location of fighter jets during NATO bombings.

Check out this video for details. The remarks about the specific emails above begins at the 2:45 mark.

This is a pretty huge deal, and if this is 100 percent accurate — and I have no reason what-so-ever to doubt the Judge — then this woman is in big, I mean BIG trouble, and deserves to be punished for her crimes.

Regardless of the outcome, it’s clear Clinton is corrupt from top to bottom, and there’s no way in a million years she should ever be allowed to sit in the White House.

In fact, the only place she should be sitting is in a prison cell. Period.

Let’s hope this investigation yields quick results and the truth about Hillary Clinton is revealed for the world to see.



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