Same-Sex Marriage and the Ironic Hypocrisy of Liberal “Tolerance”

June 8, 2015

Submitted by Veronica Coffin

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One of the things that often drives me — and probably everyone else with a drop of common sense — is how liberals constantly drone on and on about “tolerance” and how anyone who disagrees with their opinion on social issues is “intolerant” and is a “bigot.”

Which in all honesty is hilarious given that by their constant attempts to silence those who have opinions that are different from their own, they become the very thing they claim to fight against.

This little webcomic by Adam Ford — who is pretty awesome by the way — pretty much exposes how ridiculous this sort of thing really is.









Well played, Mr. Ford. Well played.

While this will definitely get a chuckle out of you, it’s also quite sad, because it’s absolutely true.

Tolerance is a word the left loves to use, but unfortunately for them they, they don’t cart to live by it nearly as much they claim to.

Go figure.


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