Feds Spend Your Money Asking Gay Men if First Time Was A Good Time

April 17, 2015

With over $18 TRILLION in the hole, the government can afford this study which could cost taxpayers $683,775

Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin

Researchers ask how it was for you….

us_capitol_building_at_night_jan_2006By Brian Lilley

How was your first time?

If you are a young gay male, particularly an African-American young gay male, then the feds want to hear from you. They’ve spent $410,265 so far on a study of the first time young gay males have “penetrative” sex, asking about satisfaction levels among other things.

The project has cost $136,755 for each of the past three years and funding for 2015 and 2016 have yet to be documented. Based on the history so far, this study could cost taxpayers $683,775 by the time it wraps up.

The study is being conducted by Johns Hopkins University and researcher Renata Arrington-Sanders an associate professor at the school specializing in pediatrics and adolescent HIV infections.

For all the money being spent, not many people are being studied, according to the project information page at the NIH website.

“Specific aim 1 is to identify the reasons for and satisfaction with first penetrative same-sex sexual experiences (PSSE) in 45 African American adolescent males in an in-depth baseline qualitative interview.”



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