The Left’s Agenda

April 10, 2015

Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin

extreme left agenda hate crimes

Are you sick to death over what’s happened to culture and art in our society? I am!

You can see the effect on society that fifty plus years of Leftist art and culture has done to this country. Take a look at Detroit. Take a look at Chicago. Take a look at the filth that passes for entertainment on television, at the movies, and at the newsstands and bookstores. (Ironically, it’s not even well written filth. There were better writers in my high school English class than among most of the professionals working today.)

People believe what their books, television programs, and movies tell them, whether fiction or non-fiction. And fiction often has more influence over society than non.

Did you know that the first people the Nazis came for, before the Jews, before the intellectuals, before the gypsies even, were the artists? The Nazis knew that the artist is the most powerful person on earth.

One of the Left’s most insidious achievements is its almost complete takeover of art and popular culture. The purpose of art is threefold: First, to honor God. Second, to elevate men and women. Third, to add beauty to the world. The Left wants no part of any of that.

True to the spirit of their Communist forefathers, the Left’s agenda in regards to art and culture consists of the following:

To make the beautiful ugly and the ugly beautiful.

To remove God and Christianity from society.

To remove moral truth and replace it with moral relativism.

To make the abnormal normal.

To promote sexual perversion, adultery, and abortion and make them morally acceptable.

To promote diversity, multiculturalism, and racism.

To promote conflict between black and white, men and women, parents and children.

To replace religion and religious figures with vampires, werewolves, witches and demons.

To replace moral heroes with antiheroes, con artists, and comic book superheroes.

To consistently and forcibly lower society to the level of animals in order to accept their utopian NWO.




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