Barack Obama; Insane, Arrogant, Idiot or just plain Incompetent

April 3, 2015

Barack Obama; Insane, Arrogant, Idiot or just plain Incompetent

By Ken Crow

Detonating-Nuclear-Warhead-300x300President Barack Obama did Thursday what he has become so famous for; he spun, he lied and he spun some more in front of the world’s news camera’s at the White House.  

At the same time on Thursday; Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel did what he is so famous for, ‘he told the truth via Twitter’. BiBi say’s more in 140 characters on Twitter than Barack Obama can say in a 2 hour bloviating session in front of 28 microphones and a dozen cameras.

As Obama was spending 18 minutes spewing false rhetoric about ‘how his hard-fought negotiations with Iran’ were saving the world, (which is totally bogus by the way) BiBi made his feelings known via his spokesman Mark Regev’s Twitter account.

In very simplistic terms; what Barack Obama did yesterday (what all of these Iranian Nuke talks have been about) was guarantee that Iran would have nuclear capability very soon. This is particularly troubling because the reality is, once Iran obtains nuclear capability in either energy or weapons, there will be no going back. The American people know this, but more-over the Israeli people know it, the Iraqi’s know it and the entire world knows it, including Barack Obama.


Rush Limbaugh (as he usually does) nailed it yesterday on his show with a diatribe of the Democrats hypocrisy involving these Iranian nuclear talks. For decades all we have heard from the left is ‘how evil and dangerous’ nuclear energy and weapons are. Because this is the Democrats poster boy for liberalism, all of the sudden ‘nukes are o.k.’ and we should allow Iran to obtain and utilize “safe” nuclear energy.

Putting the “TOTAL UNMITIGATED HYPOCRISY” of the Democrats aside, the sad truth is that BiBi is correct in his Tweet yesterday about what Barack Obama is accomplishing.

BIBI’s Tweet via Mark Regev; PM Netanyahu: This deal would legitimize Iran’s nuclear program, bolster Iran’s economy & increase Iran’s aggression & terror #IranTalks


Once upon a time the same rhetoric was used when Pakistan was working on their nuclear programs. Nearly two decades ago, the world cringed when Pakistan had announced they had finally completed their nuclear weapons program. Keep in mind this happened under Democrat President Bill Clinton in 1998.

The world now has seven (7) nations that possess the capability of mass annihilation of humanity. Those nations include; The United States, Russia, China, The United Kingdom (England), Israel (although they do not acknowledge), Pakistan, France and India. North Korea routinely bluster’s but no confirmed success so far.

What will the world look like when North Korea and Iran obtain nuclear warheads? When they do, you can probably thank the Democrats. The very people who have protested for decades about the insanity, pollution, environment and deadly poison lasting for tens of thousands of years are the very people who have allowed it to happen.

One now has to ask one’s self, “why would Barack Obama be so hell-bent on allowing Iran to fulfill its mission of nuclear capability“?


Question for the reader; do you really believe all these people (it’s being reported that Iran’s Foreign Minister returned home to a heroes welcome) are celebrating because Barack Obama stopped Iran’s nuclear ambitions? Are we all really that stupid?


In one short week these millions of Iranians have had an epic change of heart and now want to align themselves with the world community. These peace-loving Muslims now want to capitulate to Barack Obama’s desires of peace throughout the world. They have agreed to stop the funding of terrorism, the arming of ISIS and Al Qaeda and the beheading’s of thousands of Christians. Oh by the way, Iran has decided it no longer wants to destroy Israel or America. This is what President Barack Obama wants the world to believe. This is what our illustrious leader wants us to believe.

Going back to some very basic reasoning, I am left with the old saying; “if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and looks like a duck” and you know the rest.

As the President said in the above video; ‘there are and were only 3 possible scenarios’ available. I am going to borrow for that same reasoning for President Barack Obama.

1. He is insane; Yes, Barack Obama is insane to actually believe that a nation who has despised America for this many decades will actually adhere to anything America wants to do. Oh they might acquiesce to our desires for a time in order that we let our guard down, but make no mistake and don’t misunderstand that their goal is to destroy Israel. IT IS IN THEIR RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE! Anyone who beats their women for not wearing the proper religious clothing in public is fairly dedicated to that religious belief. What part of “Death to America” is Barack Obama not understanding here?

2. He is arrogant; I am honestly beginning to believe that Obama is so arrogant that he actually believes he alone can persuade Iran to lay down its desire to fund, arm and supply man-power to these vicious killers known as ISIS, Boko-Haram, Al Qaeda and so many more. I truly believe that Obama thinks he can walk on water and with his mere presence cause Iran to quake in their boots and say “we love America, Israel and this has all been a bad idea”.

3. He is an idiot or much worse; Is Barack Obama an idiot? No, he is not. Is he incompetent, God I hope so!

For if he is not an idiot or he is not incompetent, then all of this charade with cutting a deal with the Iranians to lay down their nuclear ambitions is by design and has been pre-meditated for years now. This means that he knew and has known all along that Iran will not lay down their nuclear ambitions and will not stop their enrichment of nuclear grade plutonium and will soon have nuclear weapons to use on Israel. Is Obama really naïve enough to think Iran has ceased its desire to eradicate the Jews? Is he stupid enough to believe that they will not try to hit a European target with a nuclear weapon?

If the above is true, then this leaves us with Barack Obama is committing nothing short of treason against America and her allies.

I leave you with this one thought. Remember what the Quran says. It is the duty of all Muslims to kill Infidels! Does anyone with a rational thought in their head believe that Iran has vacated that belief?

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