Meet the Kids Losing Their School Because of NYC Mayor de Blasio

March 7, 2014

Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin

Kyle Smith:

The 194 children attend Harlem Central Middle School, a charter school in the Success Academy network of 22 high-performing New York City public schools founded by de Blasio’s longtime nemesis, Eva Moskowitz, a fellow Democrat who served with him on the City Council a decade ago. The mayor last month revoked the previous administration’s approval of the school’s plan to “co-locate” using excess space inside an ordinary public school on West 118th Street. The charter-school students must vacate their current building at the end of the school year and so are rendered educationally homeless by de Blasio’s decision. De Blasio also rescinded Mayor Mike Bloomberg–approved plans for two other Success Academy schools to open within ordinary public-school buildings in the fall.

Nice call, New Yorkers; you’ve elected a mayor who’s declared war on charter schools and horse-drawn carriages. What’s he going to go after next, the Statue of Liberty?

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