Review: The Butler <-- Be Sure to Boycott!

August 27, 2013

 George has done history a great service by what he has to say here regarding yet another Hollywood distortion.”

By  George Hernandez

the butlerLeave it to Hollywood to take a great story about an honorable man named Eugene Allen, his loving marriage to the same woman for 65 years, his son who served honorably in Vietnam and never attended a protest in his life…

and turn it into a movie where the butler whose character was based on Allen’s life, saw his mother raped and father shot (never happened), has a wife that had an affair with a neighbor (never happened), quit his job at the White House to protest with his son in the civil rights movement (again, never happened)

The movie chose to portray Ronald Reagan as a racist, forgetting that Gov. Ronald Reagan appointed more blacks to positions of power than any of his predecessors — combined.

According to Allen’s son, his father liked all the Presidents he worked for, unlike what was portrayed in the movie.

The Movie was about one man’s struggle during the civil rights movement and the politicians that were against it….. yet no mention of JFK’s opposition to passing the civil rights act nor his true feelings toward MLK…

No mention of Sen. Al Gore, Sr(Tenn-D) and Sen. Robert Byrd (WVa-D), former KKK member, who led, along with many other Democrats in Congress, the resistance against the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

You can’t change the facts…..but obviously you can distort them in a Hollywood movie and call it the “truth”. … and in the process, taint a true honorable American’s life, his family’s life, and cheapen an historic part of histories with lies….forever.


Article submitted by:  Veronica Coffin

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