The Million Muslim March and the Truth About the Brothers Who Organized It

August 25, 2013

By Dr. Sharon Schuetz


MD Alam, Islamic Activist and came to America in 2000 and joined the Army the same year. Since becoming a U.S. citizen in 2004, he and his brother Shere Alam have worked tirelessly with the single purpose of joining the system and destroying Americ, one campaign and one march at a time. MD Alam’s resume reads like who’s who of successful titles and meager accomplishments from the day he stepped foot on American soil. MD and Shere Alam are anti-Americans who work diligently to compromise the truth and promote a lie into the national conscience.

As the founder of the American Political Action Committee, or AMPAC, MD is trying to get one million Muslims to march to Washington D.C. and demand that their civil rights be protected by the government, and that we enact more laws to protect their First Amendment rights. He says Jews are guilty of 9/11, and that they did it to drive a wedge between Muslims and Americans and shut down American Muslim’s freedom of speech.

It appears that both of the Alams brothers have become extremely influential men since coming to America from their native Bangladesh; however, appearances can be deceiving. In these two Islamic brother’s cases they are indeed very deceptive, practically fraudulent. To look at their extensive resumes of titles and failed election bids, one would expect people to be knocking their doors down seeking their guidance, advice, and wisdom on a host of business and political questions; or, maybe the media would want their opinion on a variety of subjects with all their experience.

Both brothers were born and raised in Bangladesh. When you lay their resumes side by side, they are so nearly identical that they even misspelled the same words the same way. Without getting into detail, it seems that their lives and career paths are closely intertwined. They both hold high offices in the same respected Missouri organizations. Like their resumes, when you list their many accomplishments side by side you make some startling discoveries.

One sentence in MD Alam’s bio says, “(MD Rabbi) Alam is part of the North American Bangladeshi Association for Bangladesh (NABAB) and is the Chairman for the US National Democratic Party Asian-American Caucus.”

In Shere Alam’s biography, we find these words, “(Shere) Alam is part of the North American Bangladeshi Association for Bangladesh (NABAB) and is the Vice Chairman for the Missouri Democratic Party Asian-American Caucus.”

What an honor that two prominent American organizations would have two brothers with such impressive titles at the helm. Actually, the North American Bangladeshi Association for Bangladesh, or the NABAB, is a facebook page. It was designed by the same person who designed all of the facebook pages and websites for the “businesses and organization” of these two brothers. Coincidentally they are all located at the same address in Kansas City, MO, 9520 James A Reed Road Suite #F. The NABAB, the MDPAA are not the only two distinguished organizations and business that share this suite with the Alam brothers. We also found that it is the home of the Minority Directed Small Business, LLC, which includes the MDSBIA Technologies, the MD Alam for MO Secretary of State HQ, the Muslim American Society USA, and the Bring Justice in Kansas City for Tony Shingh facebook page.

These guys are so busy it is surprising that they have time to fulfill all their responsibilities required by the job titles they gave themselves. Having all their organizations in one suite probably helps with expenses and wear and tear on automobiles as they travel from one headquarters to another.

MD Alam is the founder of the American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) probably located at the same address as their other organizations, and he is the organizer of the Million Muslim March on 9/11/13 in Washington, D.C. They now call this march the Million American March Against Fear on 9/11/13, or MAMAF. These guys love their initials.

MD Alam has already said that he plans to run for the Senate in 2016. It’s not likely he will win, he only got 13% of the vote when he ran for Missouri Secretary of State. He doesn’t care if he wins or not. That is not his intention.

He doesn’t have to win. He doesn’t care whether he wins or not. He is simply using the “run” to “pump up” his resume and impress people who don’t take the time to find out the facts for themselves. That’s what these people do. They join the military, get involved with politics, make an impossible run for office knowing they will lose in the Primaries, and from then on they use that and any endorsements they receive as political capital. That’s what Adam Kokesh has been doing for years, and that’s what the Alam brothers are doing right now.

They don’t care at all about America. They actually hate America and the freedoms we still have here. They came here with one goal: to change America into a Muslim state. That’s why they are “demanding” fairness for Muslims. Americans are getting tired of their idea of “fairness”. They won’t be satisfied until the entire United States is under Sharia Law. No, fairness is not a problem for Muslims unless we are using the latest Democratic definition of fair. Our country is being overrun by politicians who are trying to get us used to the idea of Sharia Law.

It’s time to stop people like this from coming here and using our freedom and benefits to change our system. People like the Alam brothers come here after stirring strife in their own country, with an agenda and plan to change our system are not immigrants, they are infiltrators who are laying the foundation for the hordes who will follow.


Article submitted by:  Veronica Coffin

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