Conservatives Must Remove Traitor RINOs in Primaries or By Recall

August 25, 2013

By Jerry McConnell


The most nauseating of all political actions is the betrayal of the trust the voters place in their elected candidates after they get elected.  It tears down any promised platforms for the future of the country as stated in the Party’s mission during the election campaign and tells the voters of that Party that it’s OK to go back on the promises they made; in other words, become a lying traitor to the Party’s pledges of action on the issues.  Why is it that the overwhelming number of such ‘Benedict Arnolds’ are RINOs and have residence in the Republican Party?

If you want to find out who these double dealing and confused individuals are, follow closely the votes taken in both houses of Congress.  Of course you’ll find RINOs only in the Republican Party in keeping with the translation of the cited capital letters R. I. N. O., “Republicans In Name Only”.  There is no nationally known nickname for Democrats who practice this form of treachery that I have ever heard, such as D. I. N. O., “Democrats In Name Only”.

Plainly speaking, it is the practice of going against what their Party has promised during the campaign intra-actions for the sake of their own pleasures, causing the public to view the offenders as traitors who easily break their campaign promises proving themselves as being untrustworthy. Democrats absolutely LOVE RINO’s.

Democrats are great at lying to and betraying the entire country; Clinton and Obama being at the leadership for that mendacious madness, but the practice of comparing their votes with their political platforms usually finds more conformity than is found in the Republican Party votes.  It’s their platforms that are anti-American and would be better left ignored; bigger government, bigger spending, bigger taxes, amnesty for lawbreakers, more jobs for illegal aliens, and a whole litany of errors against the public good.

Many Republican politicians are lured into the roles of the RINO by the false promises of so-called ‘bipartisanship’ a political condition assurance by Democrats to “work together” for a common goal that they, the Dems, vow will be good for the country – as in raising the ceiling of the national debt with impunity and amnesty for all illegal aliens, one venture that is most assuredly NOT good for the country resulting in bigger government, bigger spending and bigger taxes; all Democrat idealistic dreams but in reality, more poverty, more joblessness for citizens, more welfare and giveaways of taxpayer dollars. To Democrats, bipartisanship means, “we’ll do it my way.”

There are several naïve and gullible Republicans and most of them are old enough to know better than to listen to liberal Democrat male bovine excrement.  These, in particular, are the ones that we must reject from any government roles, elected, appointed or volunteer.  Currently the two most well known and, therefore, most treacherous, are U. S. Senators; Graham from South Carolina and McCain from Arizona.  The other Senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake, is also a RINO, famous also for his desire to coddle illegal aliens with the infamous “Gang of Eight” in the Senate that is hell-bent in favor of that mission.

However, there is some good news, and that comes from the state of Arizona and Dean Garrison of the D.C. Clothesline who informs us that a new website, very simply called, “is calling for a grassroots effort to recall both Arizona Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain… based firmly on the grounds of the… two “Gang of Eight” senators’ support of the Amnesty Bill.”

Garrison adds that the two “Gang of Eight” Senators “have chosen to turn their backs on those who voted them into office and it is high time that Arizona gets their payback on the two RINO Senators.  The site originally started with a singular goal to recall Jeff Flake but due to popular demand they decided to add John McCain to their hit list.”

Arizona’s state Constitution, Article 8, Section 1 is pertinent document concerning recall of public officers holding an elective or appointed office.  A total of at least 25 percent of the number of votes cast at the last general election is needed for the petition demanding the recall.  Be aware of this recall initiative in Arizona and notice how the liberal Democrats react with their public statements of support for the two RINOs.

Another state with a RINO problem is South Carolina. Conservatives are hot under the collar about turncoat Senator Lindsey Graham, the aforementioned RINO who leads the pack of these Party traitors along side of John McCain of Arizona.  The conservatives of Tea Party fame are gearing up for a monstrous effort to replace Graham in the primary that will be held in the upcoming election, but the South Carolina primary laws allow crossover votes and the Democrats will turn out for Graham, their favorite Republican, in huge numbers throwing that race into a probable reelection of the incumbent.


Article submitted by:  Veronica Coffin

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