Watertown, MA – Martial Law Test Run?

April 20, 2013

The ‘martial law’ recently imposed on Watertown, MA residents seems a little suspicious to me.  Now, generally, I try not to be a conspiracy theory propagator but I cannot recall when this has happened to any other city in the United States.  Not to this extent, at least.

By  Veronica Coffin


Crime is everywhere in the world including the United States.  In the news, it is not unusual to learn there has been a breakout from a nearby penitentiary with the escapee’s labeled as “highly dangerous” or that someone who has just murdered their whole family is at large.  I’ve heard/seen helicopters very low with searchlights looking for someone possibly in my neighborhood.

But never have I seen or heard about a complete lockdown in an American city.  Until now, I’ve heard of this ONLY in Hollywood TV shows and movies.


This is how far they went with restrictions upon the citizens of Watertown AND nearby cities:



  • All public transportation services have also been suspended, Kurt Schwartz of the homeland security department informs in a press conference.“We are asking you to stay indoors, to stay in your homes for the time being.
  • “People at bus or subway stations, we are asking them to go home. We do not want people congregating and waiting for the system to come back on.
  • “We are asking business in those areas to cooperate and not open today until we can provide further guidance,’’ Schwartz says.
  • Boston.com adds that residents of the neighboring towns of Watertown, Waltham, Newton, Belmont, Cambridge, and Allston-Brighton have also been asked not to leave their residence. A ban on business activity is in place in Watertown as well as the aforementioned locations.


Live video uploaded from a person living in Watertown. She was forced to leave her house while it was searched by strangers with guns.  There are 16 videos titled  LIVE INSIDE Martial Law in Watertown MA on YouTube.



Source for bulleted items from:  Softpedia

Read more at:  https://www.facebook.com/PoliceStateUSA

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