Fascist tactics: President Obama Relies On Cult of Personality

September 21, 2012

United States of O-merica: President Relies On Cult of Personality in Tight Election

It’s difficult to understand how a president with the most failure-ridden foreign and domestic policy in modern history still stands to win some 47 percent of the American vote, according to the latest polls. But the answer is simple. Since 2007, Barack Obama has been building a cult of personality reminiscent of fascist leaders. That doesn’t mean he’s a fascist; it doesn’t mean that he’s Hitler or Mussolini or Stalin. But his semiotics and iconography are far more suited for a fascist country than a vibrant republic.

Yesterday, the Obama campaign tweeted about a brand new set of products on its website: “A poster to say there are no red states or blue states, only the United States.” Only the poster wasn’t of our flag. It was of a United States dominated by the Obama symbol:

The poster was labeled, “OUR STRIPES: FLAG PRINT.” Those are not our stripes. Those are Obama’s stripes. And we are all his subjects.

This, of course, was not the first time that the Obama campaign had expressed the view that the United States are truly the Obama States. Back in May, Obama’s campaign tweeted out this delightful picture, with the exact same slogan: “There are no red or blue states, just the United States”:

And back in March, the Lake County, Florida Democratic Party headquarters began flying this flag:

Noticing a pattern here?

Suffice it to say that Ronald Reagan never hijacked the American flag for his own iconography. Nor did George W. Bush. Nor, for that matter, did Bill Clinton. Only Barack Obama has utilized the visual methodologies of fascism to forward his campaign.

The same day that the Obama campaign decided to unleash their newest Obama flag, Jessica Alba, one of Obama’s Hollywood acolytes, issued a letter to Obama’s campaign followers urging them to pledge allegiance to Obama. Obama posted this picture on his website

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