Islamic Terrorism on the Rise Domestically and Internationally Since Obama Became President in 2009

April 28, 2012

S and abroad. The number of Islamic terrorism incidents worldwide since Obama took office in 2009, including both domestic and international acts of terrorism, is on pace to surpass more than 1000 for all of 2009, according to a report by the American Security Project which is a bipartisan, Washington-based group. On the domestic front, for 2009 when Obama became President, the number of terror-related incidents hit a peak, the highest number since 2001!

The one common thread that this rise in Islamic terrorism has in common-unless, of course, you’re a part of the hardcore, pro-Obama cheerleaders in the mainstream, liberal media, or just have been banished to living under a rock for the last little while-is the inauguration of Barack Obama as POTUS in 2009. That is to say that after his swearing in at the beginning of 2009, the number of Islamic terrorism incidents just skyrocketed domestically and internationally. Because of the aggressiveness, excessiveness and methodical nature of the increase, these incidents cannot be simply dismissed as coincidence or a random occurrence without a traceable cause as the liberals and Dems want…no!

When you get down to the proverbial nitty-gritty of a potential catalyst for why this worldwide increase in verifiable acts of Islamic terrorism has seemingly occurred all in the same time frame, one name has to be connected to said increase: Barack Obama. Golly, maybe it’s the way he keeps apologizing for the “evil” that is America whenever he’s abroad-which, according to some, shows nothing but weakness and acts as a way of emboldening the enemy-or the way he keeps outlawing the use of proper words such as “war” and “terrorism” to accurately describe the enemy that has to be fought…but whatever it is, it sure can’t be coincidental that after a president who’s widely perceived to be weak on terror is sworn in that terror incidents skyrocket! Can it? Not a chance in hell!

Just observe the implicating video of Obama bowing before the Saudi king last year, bowing so low as to almost be at the waistline of the king. Without doubt, this is not a president whom terrorists will fear unlike Bush:

So given these actions of misconduct by Obama, it’s no surprise that the Islamic terrorism activity worldwide breaks down like this for 2009:

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