18 – List of Islamic Terror Attacks For October, 2012

November 4, 2012

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2012.11.01 Pakistan Jai 1 1 A 4-year-old girl is killed when Religion of Peace militants fire into
her home.
2012.10.31 Thailand Pattani 2 4 Muslim gunmen open fire on employees at an ‘UnIslamic’ gambling site
at a fair, killing two.
2012.10.31 Syria Sayyida Zeinab 8 14 Eight people, including two children are killed when Abu Al-Baraa bin
Malek terrorists car bomb a Shiite mosque.
2012.10.31 Afghanistan Musa Qala 10 2 Three women and seven small children are torn to shreds by a Taliban
2012.10.30 Afghanistan Maruf 6 0 Six civilians in a minivan are sent to Allah by a bomb planted by
religious radicals.
2012.10.28 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 37-year-old printer is murdered by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi for not being
2012.10.28 Pakistan Kaka Sahib 4 23 Militants following a ‘strict version of Islam’ bomb the shrine of a
saint, killing four patrons.
2012.10.28 Iraq Madain 3 8 Marketplace bombers murder three shoppers.
2012.10.28 Syria Jaramana 12 69 Twelve people outside a bakery in a Christian district are
exterminated in a targeted bomb attack.
2012.10.28 Iraq Kadhimiyah 13 28 Thirteen Shiites celebrating their Eid are slaughtered in their own
neighborhood by Sunni bombers.
2012.10.28 Thailand Yala 1 16 Muslim ‘separatists’ shoot a plantation worker in the head and throw a
grenade into restaurant.
2012.10.28 Nigeria Kaduna 7 100 Seven worshippers are murdered when a suicide car bomber plows into a
Catholic church during mass.
2012.10.27 Iraq Sadr City 10 31 al-Qaeda bombers take out ten innocents waiting for a bus.
2012.10.27 Iraq Bawiya 8 24 Four children are among eight people disassembled by Islamic State of
Iraq bombers at a playground.
2012.10.27 Iraq Baghdad 12 27 Twelve patrons at a market in a Shiite neighborhood are obliterated by
Jihadi bombers.
2012.10.27 Syria Deir Ezzor 5 24 Terrorists set off a car bomb in front of a church, killing five
2012.10.27 Iraq Taji 5 9 Sunnis murder five Shia pilgrims on their way to a shrine by attaching
a bomb to their bus.
2012.10.27 Iraq Mosul 5 7 Mujahideen take out five Iraqis in a series of bombing and shooting
2012.10.27 Somalia Kismayo 5 14 Five local soldiers bleed to death from an Islamist bomb planted at a
police station.
2012.10.27 Pakistan Dera Islamael Khan 2 6 Two Shiite teenagers die from splinter injuries suffered when a
Sipah-e-Sahaba cadre throws a grenade at them.
2012.10.27 Pakistan Latifabad 1 0 A Hindu is shot to death by Muslims, apparently with sectarian
2012.10.26 Iraq al-Mahawil 2 6 A Sunni car bomb at a Shia mosque leaves two worshippers dead.
2012.10.26 Afghanistan Maimana 41 70 A suicide bomber detonates at a rival mosque, sending at least
forty-one worshippers to Allah, including five children.
2012.10.26 Iran Sarbaz 2 0 Sunni terrorists are suspected in a drive-by attack that leaves two
2012.10.26 Syria Damascus 5 32 Terrorists blow up several children at a playground.
2012.10.26 Afghanistan Andar 5 0 Five minority Shiite civilians are pulled off a bus and executed in
cold blood by religious radicals.
2012.10.26 Kenya Daadab 1 0 al-Shabaab assassinate a police officer at a mosque.
2012.10.25 Yemen Damar 2 0 An al-Qaeda drive-by leaves two dead.
2012.10.25 Syria Qatana 1 0 An Orthodox priest is horribly tortured and murdered by Muslim
2012.10.25 Afghanistan Faryab 7 0 Seven innocents are killed when religious radicals take over a
2012.10.25 Somalia Wanlaweyn 8 12 A suspected al-Shabaab mortar hits a bus, obliterating eight
2012.10.25 Pakistan Karachi 5 0 Sectarian Jihadis take down five people from a rival mosque at a
2012.10.25 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 40-year-old Shiite is gunned down at a market by Wahhabi
2012.10.25 Afghanistan Uruzgan 2 0 A Taliban in police uniform shoots two American soldiers in the
2012.10.25 Pakistan Charbagh 2 0 Islamists open fire in front of a mosque, taking down two members of a
peace committee.
2012.10.25 Somalia Jamama 1 0 A woman is stoned to death by Islamists in the town square for
2012.10.25 Pakistan Gilgit 1 0 Qazi Aisar members shoot a Shiite in the head at a bazaar.
2012.10.24 Syria Daf al-Shok 6 20 A Shahid suicide car bomber sends six other souls to Allah.
2012.10.24 Israel Ashkelon 0 7 Palestinian militants fire 68 rockets toward an Israeli town over a
24-hour period.
2012.10.24 Iraq Mishahada 6 0 Six employees at a parts factory are brutally machine-gunned by
al-Qaeda on their way home.
2012.10.24 Iraq Kirkuk 1 2 Mujahideen take out a small child with a roadside bomb.
2012.10.24 Russia Kazan 1 1 A police officer dies from injuries suffered when an Islamic militant
2012.10.24 Pakistan Gulshan 1 3 Militants kill a teenage girl in a bomb attack on her family
2012.10.24 Iraq Kazaniyah 2 0 Sunni gunmen pick off two civilians.
2012.10.23 Russia North Ossetia 1 3 A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out a local cop.
2012.10.23 Iraq Shuala 9 26 Targeted car bombings in a Shiite neighborhood leave at least nine
residents dead.
2012.10.23 Pakistan Lyari 1 0 A reporter dies from injuries a few days after being shot by Sunnis
who labeled him an ‘impure Muslim’.
2012.10.23 Pakistan Nazimabad 1 2 Sipah-e-Sahaba militants fire on three Shias at a grocery store,
killing one.
2012.10.22 Afghanistan Ismael Khel 2 4 Two local police officers lose their lives to a well-placed Taliban
2012.10.22 Somalia Afmadow 5 12 Islamists shell a town’s sleeping residents in the early morning
hours, killing at least five.
2012.10.22 Ethiopia Gerba 1 2 A guard is killed when a Muslim mob attacks a government facility over
an alleged threat to Islam.
2012.10.22 Lebanon Tripoli 7 12 A 9-year-old girl is picked off by a sectarian sniper, one of seven
who lose their lives in a Sunni-Shia clash.
2012.10.22 Afghanistan Genewa 10 0 Ten Afghans are murdered during a Taliban attack on their
2012.10.22 Kenya Likoni 1 7 A policemen dies from splinter injuries suffered when an al-Shabaab
cadre lobs a grenade at him.
2012.10.21 Nigeria Atagara 2 0 Two people are killed when Islamic radicals torch a church.
2012.10.21 Lebanon Beirut 2 16 A clash between Sunni and Shia leaves two dead.
2012.10.21 Thailand Narathiwat 2 7 Bombs planted by Muslim extremists leave two dead.
2012.10.21 Jordan Border 1 0 Islamic extremists fire on a group of border guards, killing
2012.10.21 Syria Damascus 13 29 A bomb targeting Christians on their way to church leaves thirteen
2012.10.21 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A Buddhist teacher is shot to death by Muslim ‘separatists’.
2012.10.20 Ukraine Lviv 1 0 Three Muslims murder a Jewish doctor who was also a professor.
2012.10.20 Iraq Baghdad 11 35 Vicious back-to-back bombings outside a Shia shrine leave at least
eleven dead.
2012.10.20 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 59-year-old Buddhist is shot several times in the head by Muslim
2012.10.20 Nigeria Potiskum 19 0 Nineteen additional bodies are discovered following an assault on a
town by Islamic extremists.
2012.10.20 Iraq Baghdad 4 1 Mujahideen shoot four Iraqis to death.
2012.10.20 Pakistan Gujranwala 1 0 A man is shot to death after being acquitted of defaming
2012.10.20 Nigeria Potiskum 7 0 Three children and a woman are among seven family members abducted
from their home and executed by Boko Haram.
2012.10.19 Afghanistan Dawlat Abad 19 14 Religion of Peace bombers massacre nineteen members of a wedding
party, mostly women and children.
2012.10.19 Iraq Balad 4 11 Four Shiite pilgrims on a bus are sent straight to Allah by Sunni
2012.10.19 Pakistan Baldia 1 2 Sunnis fire on an Ahmadi minority family, killing one member.
2012.10.19 Nigeria Potiskum 5 0 A raid on several schools by religious radicals leaves at least five
2012.10.19 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A Chinese construction worker is picked off by Islamic snipers.
2012.10.19 Afghanistan Gereskh 6 0 Six local police officers are poisoned and shot by Taliban.
2012.10.19 Lebanon Beirut 8 78 A car bomb blast in a Christian suburb leaves eight dead, including
2012.10.19 India Srinagar 1 2 Three Muslim terrorists opens fire inside a hotel, killing a
2012.10.19 Pakistan Karachi 3 0 Three young seminary students on bicycles are murdered by sectarian
2012.10.19 Pakistan Zeridar 3 6 Three people are brought down by an Islamic IED attack on a passenger
2012.10.19 Iran Chabahar 2 6 A suicide bomber is prevented from entering a mosque, but manages to
kill two guards.
2012.10.19 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A Shiite lawyer is taken down at a traffic light by Sunni
2012.10.19 Yemen Shuqra 21 15 Sixteen local soldiers and five civilians are exterminated at their
base by al-Qaeda suicide bombers.
2012.10.19 Afghanistan Herat 1 0 A mother of two is stabbed to death by her husband for defying his
order not to work outside the house.
2012.10.19 Lebanon Tripoli 1 0 A cleric is shot in the head by a mob after appealing for peace.
2012.10.18 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 1 1 A targeted assassination attempt on a Shia doctor leaves her driver
2012.10.18 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 Sipah-e-Sahaba cadres torture a 28-year-old Shiite with a metal rod
before dispatching him with three shots.
2012.10.18 Tunisia Tataouine 1 0 Islamic protesters murder a secular politician.
2012.10.18 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 53-year-old Buddhist man is hit several times in the torso by Muslim
2012.10.18 Somalia Baidoa 4 0 al-Shabaab ambush and kill four Ugandan peacekeepers.
2012.10.18 Nigeria Angwan Alaku 12 3 Fulani raiders fire on villagers, killing at least a dozen.
2012.10.17 Pakistan Killi Jeo 1 0 Suspected Taliban shoot a medical worker to death as he is trying to
vaccinate children.
2012.10.17 Iraq Baghdad 3 15 A bomb at a grocery is one of several that leave three civilians
2012.10.17 Afghanistan Zurmat 0 45 A Shahid suicide bomber injures forty-five others.
2012.10.17 Kenya Likoni 1 9 Ten police officers are casualties of an al-Shabaab grenade.
2012.10.17 Pakistan Qasba 1 0 Sectarian Jihadis gun down a father of three outside his shop.
2012.10.17 Iraq Muqdadiyah 2 0 Sunni gunmen take out two Shia civilians.
2012.10.16 Indonesia Masani 2 0 Jamaah Anshorut Tauhid murder two investigators of a church bombing by
stabbing them in the neck.
2012.10.16 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Shiite is gunned down by Sunni militants, who also fire on a rival
2012.10.16 Kenya Kulan 1 0 al-Shabaab Islamists murder a telecom engineer.
2012.10.16 Yemen Abyan 2 5 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills two others.
2012.10.16 Pakistan Quetta 4 0 Four Shia minorities workers at a scrap market bleed to death
following a targeted shooting by Sunnis.
2012.10.16 Yemen Sanaa 1 0 al-Qaeda on motorbikes shoot a man in the head.
2012.10.15 Iraq Mosul 1 3 A child is disassembled by Mujahid bombers.
2012.10.15 Thailand Narathiwat 1 2 Islamic ‘separatists’ fire into a car carrying two women and a man,
killing at least one.
2012.10.15 Pakistan Karachi 5 2 Five men are shot to death over ‘religious differences’.
2012.10.15 Iraq Kirkuk 3 23 Jihadi car bombers take out three Iraqis.
2012.10.15 Iraq Samarrah 3 0 A father and two sons are murdered in their own home by
2012.10.15 Iraq Tuz Khurmatu 2 2 Two local cops are machine-gunned at a checkpoint by Jihadis.
2012.10.15 Iraq Sinsil 4 0 An ‘insurgent’ bursts into a home and machine-guns four family members
to death, including two women.
2012.10.14 Pakistan Quetta 1 4 A Shia businessman is taken down by Lashkar-e-Jhagvi.
2012.10.14 Nigeria Maiduguri 3 0 A family of three is cut down outside their church by Islamist
2012.10.14 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 30-year-old Shia man is gunned down in cold blood by Sipah-e-Sahaba
2012.10.14 Pakistan Matni 7 12 Religion of Peace militants overrun a police station and behead seven
2012.10.14 Egypt Abdelmassih 2 3 Two members of a Christian family are shot to death in their own home
by a Muslim gang attempting to kidnap and convert a 24-year-old female
2012.10.14 Nigeria Gwange 1 1 A tribal leader is assassinated by Boko Haram after being accused of
‘betraying Islam’.
2012.10.14 Nigeria Yogbo 30 0 Thirty people are left dead when Muslims resolve a “land dispute” by
massacring thirty Christian villagers, mostly women and children.
2012.10.13 Afghanistan Maruf 6 3 A half-dozen people are torn to shreds by a Fedayeen suicide
2012.10.13 Pakistan Darra Adam Khel 18 40 Eighteen souls are sent to Allah by Shahid suicide car bombers.
2012.10.13 Afghanistan Qalat 2 3 Taliban bombers murder two local cops.
2012.10.13 Philippines Lamitan 3 0 Three unarmed soldiers are murdered by Abu Sayyaf as they are buying
2012.10.12 Nigeria Rankum 3 2 Muslim raiders shoot indiscriminately at villagers, killing
2012.10.12 Nigeria Maidugur 2 0 Boko Haram shoot two businessmen to death outside a mosque.
2012.10.12 Pakistan Parachinar 0 3 Sunnis spray Shia students with gunfire and acid.
2012.10.12 Pakistan Bakhshi Pul 1 0 A policeman is gunned down outside a moque.
2012.10.12 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Islamic ‘separatists’ shoot a 55-year-old man twice in the head.
2012.10.12 Afghanistan Kajaki 1 1 A 12-year-old boy is disassembled by a bomb planted by Sunni
2012.10.11 Pakistan Landikotal 2 3 Two locals are taken down by Lashkar-e-Islam bomb blasts.
2012.10.11 Pakistan Sunzu Darra 8 22 Islamists strap a bomb to a donkey that destroys eight people at a
2012.10.11 Yemen Sanaa 1 0 The head of security at a US embassy is assassinated by
2012.10.11 Syria Arida 8 8 Eight bus passengers are massacred by gunmen after being beaten.
2012.10.11 Afghanistan Maidan Shar 2 2 Two civilians are dismantled by a Taliban rocket.
2012.10.11 Pakistan Derga Mandai 3 1 Suspected Taliban murder three people sitting in a car.
2012.10.11 Iraq Mosul 3 8 Mujahideen gunmen take down three Iraqis.
2012.10.10 Pakistan Upper Dir 1 0 Tehreek-e-Taliban militants gun down a village guard.
2012.10.10 Nigeria Kano 2 1 Two people are shot to death in an unprovoked Islamist attack.
2012.10.10 Nigeria Dallyam 4 4 Muslim terrorists shoot four members of a Christian family at close
2012.10.10 Nigeria Riyom 14 5 Three children and their mother are among over a dozen Christians are
slaughtered during a Muslim raid on their village.
2012.10.10 Afghanistan Nad Ali 6 0 Six local policemen are blown to bits by a roadside bomb planted by
religious fundamentalists.
2012.10.10 Israel Beitar Illit 0 1 A Jewish man is stabbed in the neck by a Palestinian.
2012.10.10 Philippines Cagayan de Oro 2 6 A Moro Islamist faction is thought responsible for a hotel bombing
that leaves two dead.
2012.10.10 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 1 0 A Shiite police officer is gunned down on the job by Sunni
2012.10.10 Somalia Kismayo 1 2 A civilian is taken out by an al-Shabaab IED.
2012.10.10 Nigeria Barkin Ladi 2 0 Two Christians are machine-gunned while sitting in their car.
2012.10.09 Thailand Pattani 3 0 A father and son are among three Buddhists gunned down by Muslim
2012.10.09 Somalia Kismayo 1 3 A boy bleeds to death following a suspected al-Shabaab grenade attack
on a tea shop.
2012.10.09 Iraq Mosul 5 1 A judge is among five people killed in Mujahideen attacks.
2012.10.09 Afghanistan Helmand 3 0 Three civilians are sent to Allah by Taliban bombers.
2012.10.09 Somalia Alanley 2 5 A suspected Islamist bomb leaves two dead.
2012.10.09 Pakistan Nazimabad 1 0 A Shiite is shot to death by sectarian Jihadis.
2012.10.09 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two more Buddhist rubber tappers are shot to death hours after a
similar attack.
2012.10.09 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A female health volunteer is murdered by Islamic ‘separatists’.
2012.10.09 Thailand Songkhla 2 0 Two vegetable vendors are murdered by Islamic ‘insurgents’.
2012.10.09 Afghanistan Tarin Kot 1 0 A cleric is assassinated by Religion of Peace rivals.
2012.10.09 Pakistan Peshawar 0 3 A 14-year-old girl who won an award for trying to restore peace in the
region survives being shot in the head by Islamic fundamentalists.
2012.10.09 Nigeria Kano 2 0 Devout Muslims kill two cops guarding health workers administering
polio immunizations to children following a rumor at their mosque.
2012.10.09 Yemen Marib 3 0 al-Qaeda beheads three Yemenis for the ‘crime’ of spying for their own
2012.10.09 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 38-year-old Shiite is picked off by Sipah-e-Sahaba snipers.
2012.10.09 Pakistan Sipah 7 0 Lashkar-e-Islam kidnap, torture and kill seven Muslim rivals.
2012.10.09 Syria Harasta 40 60 At least forty people are killed in two massive al-Nusra suicide
2012.10.08 Nigeria Maiduguri 7 1 Boko Haram set off a bomb, killing seven local soldiers.
2012.10.08 Thailand Pattani 3 0 Three villagers in a pickup truck are riddled with machine-gun fire by
Muslim ‘separatists’.
2012.10.08 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 Lashkar-e-Jhangv is suspected in the targeted killing of a young
2012.10.08 Afghanistan Laskgar Gah 2 15 A Taliban bomb takes out two security guards.
2012.10.08 Thailand Pattani 2 0 A Buddhist married couple in their sixties are slain in cold blood by
Islamic terrorists.
2012.10.08 Kenya Dadaab 1 0 al-Shabaab is thought responsible for the murder of a tribal elder at
a refugee camp.
2012.10.08 Nigeria Maiduguri 13 20 Thirteen civilians are reportedly killed in a Boko Haram blast prior
to a shooting rampage.
2012.10.07 Syria Damascus 1 8 Jabhat al-Nusra is suspected of a car bomb attack that leaves one
2012.10.07 Somalia Mogadishu 4 0 Four people are reported dead following an al-Shabaab ambush.
2012.10.07 Pakistan Musa Colony 1 0 Sunnis spray a Shia man with bullets.
2012.10.07 Dagestan Buinaksk 1 0 A local cop is abducted by Islamists, bound and then executed.
2012.10.06 Pakistan Gosal 1 1 One defender is killed when Tehreek-i-Taliban militants fire RPGs at a
2012.10.06 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A Muslim terrorist with a handgun shoots at a Buddhist couple at a
petrol station, killing the husband.
2012.10.06 Pakistan Bara 5 4 Five villagers are cut down by a Laskhkar-e-Islam attack.
2012.10.06 Iraq Baghdad 4 11 Mujahideen bombers take down four vendors at a vegetable market.
2012.10.06 Pakistan Quetta 3 0 Sipah-e-Sahaba terrorists shoot three Shias to death including two
2012.10.06 Afghanistan Edgah 2 0 Two children, ages 9 and 16, are shot to death by Taliban to punish
their father for refusing to quit the police force.
2012.10.06 Nigeria Dogon Kuka 17 12 Seventeen civilians are killed during an Islamist assault on their
2012.10.06 Nigeria Jalingo 1 5 Boko Haram bombers kill a woman and injure her five children.
2012.10.05 Cameroon Makary 1 0 Nigerian Islamists cross the border and murder a town’s mayor.
2012.10.05 Mali Douentza 2 0 Islamists fire on a civilian vehicle, killing two passengers
2012.10.05 Thailand Pattani 1 1 A Buddhist man is killed, and his wife wounded when Islamic
‘separatists’ fire into their car.
2012.10.05 Iraq Baghdad 5 26 Five people are killed when Sunnis set off two bombs outside a Shiite
mosque after prayers.
2012.10.05 Israel Ramle 1 0 An imam is murdered in his own mosque following a religious dispute
with members.
2012.10.05 Tunisia Gabes 0 5 Salafis shout ‘No God but Allah’ as they beat Shias with sticks and
2012.10.05 Nigeria Jalingo 2 11 Fundamentalists bomb two bars, killing two people.
2012.10.05 Afghanistan Sargadana 1 3 An Afghan refugee is killed by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2012.10.04 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A famed singer is murdered by Sunnis for belonging to the Shiite
2012.10.04 Iraq Baghdad 5 13 Mujahid bombers take out five Iraqis.
2012.10.04 Thailand Yala 1 0 Muslim ‘separatists’ gun down a retired civilian on his way
2012.10.04 Pakistan Lundianwala 1 0 A man stabs his daughter to death on suspicion of immoral
2012.10.04 Pakistan Badhaber 2 0 Suspected Taliban gunmen murder a cop and a boy in separate
2012.10.03 Ingushetia Magas 4 2 Four Russian policemen are ambushed and killed by Religion of Peace
2012.10.03 India Kerala 1 0 A Hindu boy is burned alive by angry Muslims after falling in love
with a Muslim girl.
2012.10.03 Libya Susa 3 1 Religious radicals murder three local police.
2012.10.03 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Islamic ‘separatists’ shoot a shop owner to death in his store.
2012.10.03 Syria Aleppo 48 100 Three suicide car bombings by al-Nusra terrorists leave nearly fifty
2012.10.03 Yemen Lahj 2 3 An al-Qaeda ambush leaves three dead.
2012.10.02 Iraq Baghdad 6 5 A garbage collector is among six people killed in Mujahideen attacks
around the country.
2012.10.02 Pakistan Mattani 1 4 A civilian is left dead following a Taliban rocket attack.
2012.10.02 Nigeria Mubi 26 15 At least twenty-six Christian students are singled out and executed by
Islamists at their campus. Some are shot, others have their throats
2012.10.02 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two people are machine-gunned in their pickup truck by Muslim
2012.10.01 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 40-year-old Buddhist teacher is shot three times in the head by
Muslim militants.
2012.10.01 Afghanistan Khost 14 37 A Fedayeen suicide bomber murders fourteen people, including three
2012.10.01 Afghanistan Kunduz 1 0 A 20-year-old woman is beheaded by Islamic fundamentalists.
2012.10.01 Syria Said Naya 3 0 Three Christians are abducted and murdered by a Muslim ‘gang’.