August 24, 2014

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August 20, 2014

Submitted by: Veronica Coffin

The age of dreamy-eyed admiration for President Obama is over. Even the staunchest supporter of President Obama can only muster meager defenses for his failed presidency and increasingly, more and more liberals are turning their back on the president who once promised hope and change, but delivered only excuses and poor results.
For example, Daily Beast founder Tina Brown recently appeared on MSNBC to blast the president and his relationship with women supporters, saying,
“The fact is that Obama’s down with everybody, let’s face it, there’s a reason. And I think that particularly for women. I don’t think he makes them feel safe. I think they’re feeling unsafe… They feel unsafe about Ebola. What they feel unsafe about is the government response to different crises.
“And I think that they’re beginning to feel a bit that Obama’s like that guy in the corner office, you know, who’s too cool for school, calls a meeting, says this has to change, doesn’t put anything in place to make sure it does change, then it goes wrong and he’s blaming everybody. So there’s a slight sense of that.”
However, according to Tea Party star Sarah Palin, liberal feminists like Brown are partially to blame for the poor relations between women and the Obama Administration.

Palin called Brown’s comments, “ironic, because that little lady Tina Brown, she’s such a big part of the problem; she and her ilk being so uber-uppity, so cocksure of their untouchable elitism, they support liberal men who have kept women unfortunately embracing this lie that they should be dependent upon government.”

“Tina Brown, chick, you’re a day late and a dollar short,” she continued. “They’ve been beating the crap out of strong, commonsense, smart, conservative women for years, she and her ilk.”
When host Sean Hannity noted that these same feminists take issue with Mitt Romney holding resumes of women in a binder, but turn a blind eye to the misogyny of the Muslim world as a function of multiculturalism, Palin just went-off on the apparent hypocrisy:

“These maladroit fake feminist women, they have such a double standard, so hypocritical, that they would support anyone who would have sympathy for Muslims who do treat women so poorly, so inhumanely, and not do all that they can to stop the rise of radical Islam that would adversely affect America’s interests…

They support somebody like, say, Barack Obama, whose failed policies have kept them dependent on a failed government that has led to recently, you know, one in five families being on food stamps, 44 million Americans not finding a good job, more latchkey children than ever in this country because of a devalued dollar based on liberal economic policies leading to the cost-of-living rising and women being in the workforce whether they want to be or not. These women, their sympathies are aligned in the wrong party.”
Palin is absolutely correct; while Democrats use liberal feminists as vehicles to further their narrative concerning a fictitious Republican war on women, these same feminists simply refuse to offer an objective analysis of the effects liberalism has had on women. Now, after 6 years of an Obama presidency, some are suddenly awakening to the realization that increased government dependence has achieved the opposite of what feminism has strived to achieve and has made women less independent and less secure in the world.
Kudos to Mrs. Palin for calling out liberal feminists like Brown.



Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin


By Floyd Brown

During the 20th century, the world moved toward more centralized governance. In following the United States’ footsteps, Europe made all attempts to replicate our success and economic growth.

But a group just surfaced that’s so radical, so influential, so dangerous… it just put Europe on red alert.

In fact, all of the European Union’s hard work may soon come crashing down…

The group’s words are so powerful that many member nations in Europe are actually adhering to its philosophies.

Worst of all, the leader of this group was just given free rein to speak on international television, sharing this deadly message…

You see, just this week, the U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) was asked to participate in TV debates with Prime Minister David Cameron, the Labour Party’s Ed Miliband, and the Liberal Party leader, Nick Clegg.

Such debates bring major exposure to the UKIP’s movement because they’re just ahead of next year’s U.K. general elections.

Nigel Farage, the UKIP’s leader, happily received the TV broadcasters’ proposal: “The decision is better than it could have been. It does at least recognize the increasing popularity of UKIP. However, if the political landscape continues to change, we would expect and ask for inclusion in a second debate.”

Given that it’s the only group other than the Labour Party or Conservative Party to take first place in a U.K.-wide election, it’s safe to say that things are shifting.

A Growing Philosophy

The UKIP’s concept of devolving government to smaller units is gaining popularity.

Take Scotland, for example. Its independence may be dead for the time being, but the movement to get all of Britain out of the EU is growing.

Across Europe, political parties with an anti-Brussels agenda are flourishing.

Meanwhile in Italy, the Cinque Stelle, the political movement that unexpectedly won 108 deputies and 54 senators in last year’s elections, has launched a drive to rip Italy out of the hands of the European Union. The Cinque Stelle was founded by the loud-mouthed comedian Beppe Grillo. He has created his movement by stitching together an unlikely coalition of Greens, anarchists, and unrelenting attacks on the elites ruling the European Union.

You see, the common currency has been a disaster for Italy. Its economy today has shrunk year after year to such a degree that it’s the same size it was in the year 2000. According to some reports, 25% of all industrial output has simply disappeared.

Economists agree the euro acts like a straitjacket for Italy’s economy. Each year, the currency’s strength has increased labor and business costs. Back in the days of the continually inflating lira (the Italian currency before the euro), Italy could restore competitiveness by devaluing the currency.

But today, they can’t change the currency’s value because it’s controlled by the unelected (and nearly unresponsive) European Central Bank (ECB). Couple this currency with what’s called the European deficit rules, and the Italian government is forced to cut spending when the economy shrinks.

And in France, the National Front is taking the lead against the European Union. It’s clearly established itself as the third-largest political party. The National Front began its history as an anti-immigration party, but it’s changed in the last few years, gaining popularity by becoming the leading euro-skeptics in France.

Slowly, these member countries are all resembling the very same governmental shifts…

Ultimate Sovereignty: A World Divided

Watch this international movement gain ground in the years ahead, as people attempt to govern themselves instead of being governed by ruling elites from afar.

It’s clear that this train of thought is exploding across the continent of Europe. But the question is: “Will this trend make it across the Atlantic to the United States?”

In the past, I’ve written about groups’ efforts to succeed from California into a new state of Jefferson, along with many Texans’ request to detach from the United States.

But with the devolution movement steaming ahead internationally, one can only anticipate how long it’ll take for our individual states to follow along.



Submitted by: Veronica Coffin

feminismBy Matt Walsh

It’s time to stop tiptoeing about this. Feminism is intellectual and moral poison. It has no redeeming qualities. It has nothing to contribute. It does not and cannot achieve anything positive or worthwhile in our society.

We can argue about whether it ever had a purpose, but there’s no doubt that nowadays it’s only purpose is to divide and deceive. Women have all of the same legal rights that men do. We are exactly equal under the law. In fact, if anything, women have a few extra legal rights in their pocket. So feminists are left to go on dramatic crusades to slay phantom dragons, while all of the real problems have to be solved by people who are actually interested in solving them.

Feminism is not interested in solving anything.

That’s why I think that video of six-year-olds cussing up a storm and repeating feminist slogans is so important. It perfectly encapsulates what feminism has become: bitter, deceptive, exploitative, and self-defeating. It stands as a horrific illustration of feminism in all its glory.

It’s also an illustration of child abuse and exploitation, which is why, arguably, the parents responsible for it should be getting a visit from social services.

I’m done being nice about feminism. I guess I never have been nice about it, but I certainly won’t start today.

How many children have to be killed and abused under the feminist banner before we tear it down and burn it (metaphorically speaking)?

I won’t say this video killed feminism, just like I don’t think Beyonce killed feminism when she performed a striptease on stage at an awards show in front of a giant, glowing ‘Feminist’ sign.

Nothing can kill feminism because it isn’t alive or dead. It’s like some sort of zombie corpse, lurching across the hillside, groaning and growling as it slowly devours itself. An undead, soulless abomination. A vacuous nothing. A walking plague, serving no purpose, muttering gibberish, and existing only for its own sake.

So, unlike some of my ideological peers, I won’t yell and scream when it tears off its mask and reveals its mangled, monstrous face. I won’t cover my eyes and insist that feminism stop exposing itself in public. In fact, if feminism wants to show us what it really is, I’ll welcome the opportunity. I’ll take a picture and share it all around. I’ll throw it a party and invite the whole neighborhood.

I want people to see the real feminism.

I want it to be on display.

Come and behold, ladies and gentlemen. Look upon this disfigured beast.

This is feminism.

Here. Check it out. I warn you that the video at the link contains very vulgar language. It isn’t suitable for children (least of all the children in the video) but it might be worth watching if you’re an adult.

It’s produced by a t-shirt company/’activist’ group called FckH8. You see, the folks at FckH8 don’t like hate. These audacious warriors are against hate. They oppose it. They are taking a heroic stance to defy hate, as well as frowns, tummy aches, boo-boos, and yuckiness.

This, apparently, is what we now call activism.

The latest FckH8 video is supposed to be a compelling bit of feminist advocacy. It has, predictably, been hailed in the progressive corners of the Internet as courageous, witty and provocative. It features little girls — probably between the ages of six and eight — cussing up a storm while rattling off a random collection of feminist idioms, catchphrases, and false assertions.


A few excerpts:

“What the f**k? I’m not some pretty f**king helpless princess in distress. I’m pretty f**king powerful.”

“So what is more offensive? A little girl saying f**k, or the f**king sexist and unequal way society treats women?”

“Here’s some words more f**ked up than the word f**k: pay inequality. Women are paid 23 percent less than men… Um, hello? Pay up motherf**ker!”

“F**ked up facts: one out of five women will be sexually assaulted or raped by a man.”

“Stop telling girls how to dress and start teaching boys not to f**king rape.”

“F**k that sexist sh*t… I don’t give a f**k.”

From the mouths of babes.

…Well, from the mouths of exploitative, manipulative, feminist mothers into the ears of their daughters and then regurgitated in front of a camera for the purposes of perpetuating division, falsehoods, and t-shirts.

I understand that the whole point of this video is to offend the silly conservative prudes who don’t think it particularly appropriate to train your six year old to use phrases like “pay up, motherf**ker” — so I guess I’m going to be in the silly prude camp today. Truly, it is beyond the bounds of basic human decency to use your children like this. These kids are victims of child abuse, plain and simply. Their parents should be exposed and shamed as the gutless, idiotic bullies they are. And to think: a mom might get CPS called on her if she spanks her kid at Walmart, but I doubt anyone from social services will be following up with the parents who forced their six-year-olds to star in an R-rated feminist propaganda film.

Of course, the other feminists of the Internet didn’t see it that way. Genius, they called it. Genius. The Sistine Chapel and little girls saying the F word: both works of sheer and utter genius.

It’s also empowering, they said. And brilliant. And amazing. And great. And powerful. You need to watch it. It will change the world for the better. These girls drop truth bombs and they’re obviously having lots of fun. Bill Maher shared it on Facebook and 14,000 of his morally bankrupt fans ‘liked’ it.

Some feminists and liberals did dissent, however, saying that it was a bit exploitative, but also cute and funny. Child exploitation can be cute and funny, didn’t you know? Sure, this might be a little abusive, but it’s just so freakin’ adorable!

Others commented that the clip was potentially quite charming, but they were turned off by the fact that this organization sells clothing.

Exploitation of children? All good. No worries.

Exploitation of feminism to hock apparel? Now you’ve crossed the line.

Elsewhere, feminists took the opportunity to play an exciting game of False Dichotomy:



Yes, you either oppose children being pimped out and corrupted for the sake of advancing the feminist agenda or you don’t like rape. You clearly can’t disagree with both. Do you see how this works?

If I do something despicable in order to supposedly call attention to something else that’s despicable, you can’t criticize my actions without condoning the action that I’m ostensibly protesting.

So if I slap a “stop pistol whipping baby polar bears” bumper sticker on my son’s head and then strap him to the top of my car like a piece of luggage, you can’t critique my arguably unsafe child transport technique without simultaneously celebrating the serial abuse of arctic mammals. Them’s the rules, my friend. I didn’t make ‘em, but I will play be ‘em.

But I don’t want to expend all of my energy simply complaining about this hideous footage of ideological child prostitution. Any civilized human being can see it for what it is. There isn’t much else that can be said about it.

Instead, I want to make sure that we’ve all learned something from this. And there is really only one thing we can learn: feminism is poison.

It has nothing to add to the discussion. It’s a movement without a direction. A cause without a cause. A campaign that never stops because it has no goal and no objective.

That’s why it still repeats the gender pay gap myth, over and over and over, no matter how many times the legend has been debunked and disproven.

Despite what those poor girls were forced to say on camera, women do not earn 23 percent less than men for ‘equal work.’ This is called a lie. A fable. A fairy tale. It’s not true. It’s not even close to true. These ‘pay gap’ figures come when women in all types of jobs, in all types of positions, with all types of experience levels, in every geographical location, working any number of hours above 35 a week, are collectively and indiscriminately compared to men in all types of jobs, in all types of positions, with all types of experience levels, in every geographical location, working any number of hours above 35 a week. And even then the gap isn’t 23 percent. Not even near. But whatever it is, if it exists at all, it exists because these frauds just weighed the salary of a commercial airline pilot against an entry level hairdresser.

Lies and obfuscations. That’s all you find here. The same can be said for the absurd claim — repeated by the child abuse victims in the video — that 20 percent of all women will be raped. (Or 25 percent or 30, I’ve heard about five different versions of the notorious statistic). A cursory bit of research will expose it as a cynical load of horse manure, advanced by feminist college professors but not supported by any hard evidence at all. An even more cursory use of your critical thought capabilities will tell you that, according to this claim, about 31 million women in America are current or future rape or sexual assault victims. 31 million. That’s the population of New York City times four.

If these crimes are so staggeringly pervasive that we could fill four New York Cities with rape victims, then there must be, by extension, tens of millions of rapist men in the country, and likely thousands of rapists in your community.

Does any rational person really believe that the numbers are this high? If they do believe it, then they have no choice but to assume that nearly every man is a potential rapist.

Feminists tell us that they don’t hate men. I believe them. They don’t. They just want to paint millions of us as rapists, that’s all. No big deal. Don’t take it personally, fellas. They aren’t man-haters, they just think there’s around a 20 percent chance that any particular man is a sex predator. Other than that, they’re fine with us.

Meanwhile, actual rape victims are buried and forgotten under the avalanche of false statistics and sensationalist claims, all of which have been fabricated for the sole purpose of driving a wedge between the sexes and denigrating men (and, in this case, selling t-shirts).

This is feminism and it helps no one. It has long since outlived whatever purpose it may have served many decades ago. In a country where a woman now has every single legal right that a man has — and even a few extra, like the right to execute her children with or without the father’s consent — feminism is left to invent new boogeymen.

Now I’m sure I’ll be told that feminism, despite its flaws, still spreads a crucial message: we shouldn’t rape women, sexism is wrong, and women are equal to men.

The problem, however, is that men and women are not equal. They are separate, distinct, and complimentary. Equal in dignity and worth, but unequal in every other way. We should be learning how to celebrate these differences and use them in service to each other, but you won’t hear that from feminists.

I have never in my life seen a feminist promote the idea that a woman’s uniquely feminine qualities ought to be used to serve and honor men, just as a man’s masculine qualities ought to serve and honor women. This is simply not a part of the feminist message. And that is exactly why feminism’s sermons about ‘inequality’ accomplish nothing of value. It’s built on the false premise that total equality between the sexes is possible, and it leads to the disastrous conclusion that this phantom equality must be achieved through any means necessary, including (and preferably) deception and force.

As for its other ‘positive’ messages, feminism does not own a monopoly over outrage about rape and sexism. We do not need feminism to tell us that women shouldn’t be abused or exploited. In fact, feminism is just as likely to do the abusing and the exploiting as it is to expose these atrocities.

And while feminists concentrate solely and exclusively on the both real and imagined plight of women, the obvious insinuation is that men have it easier. Feminists ignore the fact that boys face a school system that is 70 percent more likely to suspend them and a medical establishment that’s twice as likely to diagnose them with learning disabilities. They can call a man’s challenges less severe, but they never explain why guys kill themselves at a rate four times higher, and face a much higher probability of developing substance abuse disorders. They say that the system is stacked against females, but they never tell us why men receive longer prison sentences for the same crime. And they talk about violence against women but they don’t mention that men are 76 percent more likely to be murdered.

Feminism takes issues that afflict all human beings — struggles and tribulations that are inherent to life on Earth for all people — and twists them into a fantastical drama of man vs. woman.

A woman recently told me that she’s a feminist because she thinks a female should be able to walk to her car without worrying about getting mugged (I guess men should have to worry about it, or maybe she thinks that we never do). I’ve heard this line, or lines like it, countless times and it never gets less disturbing. How is it that these people need “feminism” to tell them that women shouldn’t be robbed in a parking lot? And how is it that they are so ignorant of world history that they think no other ideology or school of thought ever came up with the idea that women shouldn’t be raped and brutalized until feminism enlightened the world?

It’s all nonsense. Complete garbage. I think it’s time to stop making concessions. It’s time to stop pretending that feminism still has something of value to give to society. This is all it has. This is all it does.

The answer to our cultural problems — all of our problems — is to love and serve one another, to humble ourselves, and to strive to be closer to God. This is not the answer that feminism offers. It only drags us further from the truth and separates us from what will ultimately make us happy and fulfilled.

That’s feminism.

It’s kind of funny, though. At the end of this video, a scowling, angry, sarcastic, dishonest woman, presumably the mother of one of the young girls, appeared on screen and said, “this is what a feminist looks like.”

I couldn’t help but smile at that part.

“Yes,” I thought. “Finally we can agree on something.”



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